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Are you ready to explore the best cleaners in Louisville, Kentucky? While the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and distilleries are the most popular in the Bluegrass State, you can find a variety of distilleries to visit and enjoy during your visit.

Best Distilleries In Louisville

From bourbon and whiskey to gin and alcohol, you can find all your favorite spirits in Louisville.

Louisville Travel Guide

Spirits distilled after horses and races are the most popular commodity in KY. Distilling has been a part of Kentucky’s history since before statehood, and is still considered an important part of Kentucky culture.

In 1964, Congress recognized bourbon as a special and uniquely American product. Try Kentucky Proud Bourbon in Louisville!

Louisville, also known as the Gateway to the South, is one of the best places to visit in Kentucky, and adding bleachers to your list of things to do in Louisville is a must!

You’ll find Louisville distillery tours that will take you through some of the best distilleries in Louisville. The most common distiller you’ll see is Angel’s Vision Distillation. Cocktail classes, tastings and tours are offered in this industrial style. In addition to great offerings, Angel’s vision has a great fashion flair that creates even more unique and appealing distillates.

Louisville’s Bourbon District

Angel’s Vision has a signature collection that you can sample during your visit. Kentucky bourbon aged in port casks, rye whiskey aged in rum casks, and Kentucky bourbon aged in port casks. They also have limited edition tours of attractions.

This Kentucky distiller has received rave reviews from everyone from Whiskey Advocate to Spirit Magazine to Wine Enthusiast. Angel’s Envy is one of the best distilleries in Kentucky, so add it to your list of the best for the Bluegrass State!

Rabbit Hole is a craft bourbon producer that offers tastings and tours to visitors. When deciding which Louisville distillery to visit, don’t forget the Rabbit Hole Distillery. When you arrive, you’ll notice the trendy industrial flair that’s available in most Louisville cleaning products today. A symbolic rabbit on the edge of the building announces your arrival.

At Rabbit Hole, every drink has a story. Whether it’s Kentucky 4-grain straight bourbon, tall rye, traditional gin, or Kentucky limestone-filtered French wheat vodka, every drink at Rabbit Hole has a story to tell. Traveling and experiencing each one is the best way to learn these stories.

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This distillery is proud to call itself an architectural icon on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The building and the cleaning facility are truly amazing. They are located in Nulu District and work from Tuesday to Saturday. You can enjoy tours at very affordable prices and even allow you to bring the kids, which is great for family travelers.

Louisville distilleries focus on bourbon. However, you can try something different on Holi Jin. Located far from downtown Louisville, this distillery can be found near the famous Witch Tree near historic Old Louisville. One of the best distilleries in Louisville, Holy Gin is the perfect place to try something other than bourbon while you’re in town.

Created and inspired by the festival of colors Holi, Holi Gin is Indian inspired. On the distillery tour, you can see how gin is made, learn about different types of gin, and then spend the last thirty minutes of the tour learning how to make a cocktail. There are two amazing gin cocktails on the tour!

After your visit, you’ll find plenty of attractions and restaurants in the area. Conrad-Caldwell House Museum, St. James Court Fountain and the Speedway Art Museum are minutes from the Holley. Don’t miss out on some of Louisville’s best restaurants while you’re in the area.

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Old Forest has excellent Louisville whiskey. Rye whiskey, 86 proof, Prohibition style, Bread Julep, President’s Choice, 100 proof, State bourbon and more are available at Old Forest. Like most Louisville distilleries, you can take a tour of this one. During the tour they take you on a journey back in time.

You will learn about the beginnings of the historic Whiskey line and how the Old Forester got its start there. From tours, tastings and great whiskey, you’ll find plenty of goods here. From ornaments and mixing spoons to candles and bourbon-scented soaps, Old Forester Distilling Co. has it all.

A visit to the refineries at Gateway to the South is something you’ll be talking about for years to come. You can really make the most of your time in town by visiting the cleaners. A visit to the old forest clearinghouse will make your trip even more special!

Louisville’s cleaning facilities are amazing. When you visit Cooper & Kings, you’ll see that it’s more than just a cleaning machine. It’s a great craft distiller, cognac, gin and abbot, as well as great food on offer at the rooftop bar and restaurant. The restaurant serves breakfast and dinner for guests.

Louisville And The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

The menu includes everything from country hambords to umami burgers. Drinks like Absinthe, American Apple Brandy, Guns and Distillers are just waiting for you to take a sip! While you’re there, treat yourself not only to spirits, but also to cocktail changers to take home.

Cooper & Kings proudly serves classic American spirits. For them, the philosophy is “low and slow”. There are beautiful copper pots made in Louisville. Their unique silence is handcrafted by artisans specifically for the Kings brand.

When it comes to Louisville cleaners, don’t miss Evan Williams. Louisville’s line of whiskey is a powerful distiller. Whiskey Row is located in the heart of the city, one of the best places not only for sights and distilleries, but also for food. Downtown Louisville has the best restaurant!

Affordable tours, great tasting experiences and variety with a whiskey and bourbon portfolio make Evan Williams one of Louisville’s best distilleries. Their pure bourbons include 86 proof, 100 proof, small batch, and a 5-time “Best Whiskey of the Year” winner, single vintage bourbon.

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Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. is one of the best distilleries in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville whiskey tours are widely available at Gateway to the South. The Best Tours in Kentucky Peerless! They’ve been making whiskey since the 1880s, and you can take a self-guided tour of the town’s distillery to see the history and process behind making some of the state’s finest bourbon and rye!

The first Peerless whiskey was bottled in 1889. Since then, the craft has continued to evolve, resulting in the distillery producing some of the finest whiskey not only in Louisville, but in the nation as well. When you see this cleaner, you’ll feel like you’re part of their family as tourists proudly show you behind the scenes of their creative process.

Being a historic Louisville distillery, you’ll find it very special to see this distillery. The Peerless Warehouse Distillery in Prohibition Kentucky was one of the few whiskey warehouses and places to offer prescription whiskey for medicinal use.

MICHESTER’S Fort Nelson Distillery is a must on any Louisville distillery tour. The bourbon at Mitchell’s Fort Nelson in Louisville, Kentucky is excellent. Known for its bourbon and rye, you can take a tour and sit down for a tasting. Enjoy your own cocktail bar and more during your visit.

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It’s a very nostalgic purveyor, so you can see Mitscher’s nod to the past in every aspect. The historical heritage dates back to 1753 with the founding of the first American whiskey company. You’ll find their 1 star, limited production and limited release lines in the cleaner.

There’s also a 25-year-old Kentucky Rye and a 25-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon! The process of creating these wonderful drinks is very important to Micter. They believe that cost means nothing when it comes to everything you need to create an effective drink. This is definitely one of the best cleaners in Louisville!

If you visit Fort Nelson, you’ll be in the perfect location to see the best things to do in Louisville. Across the street from the bleachers is the Louisville Slugger

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