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Best Dentist In Cardiff – Craig grew up in South Wales and graduated from Cardiff University School of Dentistry with honors 10 years ago. While in Cardiff, Craig was awarded the ‘Dentist Student of the Year’ award for ‘Best Student Demonstrating Outstanding Professionalism, Clinical Skills and Teamwork and Recommended by All Staff’.

Craig has a passion for global dental health. This led him to further training in medical and cosmetic procedures. He will also complete a PG degree in orthodontics.

Best Dentist In Cardiff

He found some dentists he was interested in. It is primarily about making patients 100% a part of themselves, including tooth alignment, teeth whitening and pre-images, digital devices, and bonding to create healthy, natural smiles based on test smiles. program. regulation. .

Cosmetic Bonding Cardiff

Craig is trained in the use of dental equipment at Dental Biohorizons, one of the most widely used systems in the world, and works with local doctors to help coordinate placements. This is the most cost-effective way to replace your teeth and can be done by spreading the cost using one of our monthly payment plans.

Craig is certified and trained on a variety of cosmetic dental alignment equipment systems. He is trained and certified to use Damon Braces, Ormco Ceramic Symmetri, Six Month Smile, Straight Teeth, Invisalign Clear Aligner and Inman Aligner.

Carrying out a thorough assessment of the patient and the oral/facial as a whole is what Craig believes is necessary to be able to provide quality and evidence-based dentistry.

Marco is originally from Korea but settled in South Wales after graduating from Cardiff University in 2011. He studied with general dentist Craig Lewis and lived together for 4 years in college and have been good friends ever since.

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He developed his skills by completing his Masters in Restorative and Restorative Dentistry at the University of Manchester (2016) and has an exceptional eye for detail in reconstructive and cosmetic work.

Marco received additional corrective training in clear braces and white ceramic. He is currently undergoing further training in the field of dental implants with the Bio Horizon system, and is participating in the Wired Orthodontic Training Program for the improved orthodontic care he can provide to his patients.

Marco not only provides professional, honest and dental care to all patients, but also accepts friendships and strives to ensure them.

He is a devoted family head who enjoys good food and company and has two cats, Yuki and Jigi.

Best Private Dentist In Cardiff

Beth grew up in Ogmore-By-Sea, but she has been living in Cardiff since 2000. Beth said that she speaks Welsh fluently and did all her education in Welsh.

She received her Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) degree from Cardiff (Met) in 2003. She earned her Education Diploma from Cardiff University while working as a professional teacher in the field of behavioral support.

Beth enjoys a simple life. Travel outdoors, eat delicious food, and spend time with family and friends.

Beth is a fitness/workout enthusiast. As a result of her hard work and determination, she won the British overall title while competing in the fitness industry in 2012.

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Tess has been with Birchgrove Dental Practice for over 10 years and she previously worked as a dental hygienist, she has extensive dental knowledge and she is always happy to help.

Tes said she had previously worked as an accountant and she worked as a director in a construction company for 10 years.

Tes likes to go out, eat and dance. Her favorite restaurants are Valentino’s and Plow in Whitcherch. Tes enjoys spending the weekends with her grandchildren in West Wales. She especially does when the weather is nice so she can swim. Tes loves to feel the personal touch she can give to the Birchgrove Dental Practice family, especially all her patients.

Debbie worked on the project as part of the reception team. She also obtained her dental assistant qualification in 2009.

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Karen is an expert in gum and dental care. She plays an important role in helping patients maintain oral hygiene and providing preventive advice and information.

Karen said she worked for several years as a dental assistant at Birchgrove Dental Practice before she graduated with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene in 1992.

Seren is from Derby. She obtained her registered nurse certification in 2009. She really enjoys her job and treats dental patients and children well.

Seren enjoys watching crime shows outside of work. On and off work, he likes good jokes and has a great sense of humor. He has a playful attitude that ultimately makes patients comfortable in the company.

Dentist Testimonials Cardiff

Lisa has over 25 years of experience as a dentist and she holds a National Certificate in Dental Nursing. She is very knowledgeable in her own field and loves her own work.

Lisa also became an Oral Health Educator in 2014. She is passionate about promoting oral hygiene for all ages. She especially enjoys working with nervous patients and children, and strives to make patient office visits as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Outside of work, family time is important. Lisa is happily married and she has two children. She has been the Beaver Scout leader in her local scouting group in Rumney for the past four years. This is something he really enjoys. She always seems to prepare the next disaster for them.

Shannon became a registered nurse in 2015 and she enjoys working on the couch. Shannon especially enjoys caring for nervous and anxious patients because she cares for them easily.

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She loves challenges and learning new things and always tries to give 100% at work or at home. Shannon is the newest member of Birchgrove Dental Practice and she looks forward to continuing her dental practice here.

Going to the dentist was never something she expected, but she’s not afraid anymore since last year she moved to Birchgrove Dental Practice! Craig is always professional, knowledgeable and professional. The real test he came this week when he was doing duct work. He dares to say that he is pain free!

Another bonus is that Craig is getting along well with my 18 month old son. We didn’t know what he was going to do with going to the dentist, but with a lot of patience (and numbers!) we made ourselves at home.

I started treatment with Craig about a year ago and now I have perfect teeth. Craig was great throughout his treatment and he always explained what he was doing, why, and what’s next.

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I highly recommend Craig and Birchgrove Dental Practice and want to say “you won’t regret it” to anyone contemplating getting treatment. I smile confidently now.

I have been to Birchgrove twice to prepare for Invisalign treatment. Both times I received very professional, professional and welcoming staff. Craig is a professional but attentive dentist who does his best to give you exactly what you want. Overall, Birchgrove is a great dentist and we look forward to your next visit and treatment.

I made my first appointment today at Birchgrove Dental with thorough and professional 5* service and the best dental experience! thank you

Irradiate!!! Our kids tell her to come back to her dentist because Craig and his team did a really good exam. First-class service.

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Birchgrove Dental is Cardiff’s best practice. Craig’s team provides excellent service and amazing results. Thank you for always.

Making my device is simple and easy. It’s very noticeable and most of my co-workers won’t believe I have nothing on my teeth. The upper teeth do not need braces, but the lower teeth do. Birchgrove Dental Practice is highly recommended. The friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere made it easy to schedule an appointment when I was relaxed.

I recently got braces and am very happy with the results. Craig is a very nice person with clear knowledge and skills, very professional and very comfortable before, during and after treatment. I highly recommend this dentist

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Do you know? We offer early and late appointments based on your needs. Tel: 029 2066 5566 | Email: [email protected]

Our goal is to make you smile for a lifetime, so we have a team of highly skilled dental professionals who provide dental, hygiene and professional care in a friendly and comfortable environment.

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