Best Dentist In Barrie

Best Dentist In Barrie – The most effective oral health care and protection is an experienced general dentist. Our team of Barry oral health professionals is proud to provide services that promote a healthy smile with a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures. These professionals are equally focused on ensuring your family’s health through a variety of general dental services.

Informed patient education is at the forefront of every dental visit at Molson Park Dental Office. Our dentists can professionally clean your teeth, allowing us to identify areas that require in-depth information about your oral health habits. They can teach you the best brushing and flossing technique, the best type of toothbrush for your teeth, and how a balanced (healthy) diet can help improve your dental health.

Best Dentist In Barrie

Our dentists emphasize the importance of modeling excellent oral health for your children. Molson Park Dental Office offers pediatric dentistry and family dentistry services so your whole family can enjoy healthy teeth.

Dentistry Barrie: Periodontal Therapy Treatment

Most people don’t realize that general dentistry is more than just filling cavities and cleaning teeth. The main aspects of general dentistry are dentures, mouth guards, root canals, treatment of missing teeth and treatment of bad breath. Regular visits to the Molson Park Dental office in Barrie will give you more treatment options for certain dental procedures.

Molson Park Dental Office offers porcelain veneers and tooth-colored veneers as a more natural-looking dental restoration compared to traditional silver composite fillings. This dental facility also has highly trained dentists who can surgically place reliable dental implants as an alternative to dental bridges.

Not every patient is comfortable going to the dentist’s office. For this reason, many patients avoid regular visits to dental facilities and this means that they have serious dental problems. If you’re always worried about going to the dentist, our dentists can ease that anxiety with mild sedation.

At Molson Park Dental Office, we strive to ensure that every patient has a positive experience every time they visit our clinic. We have implemented a number of measures to make these journeys as pleasant and comfortable as possible. In fact, we are a family-owned oral care practice that offers a wide range of family dental services.

Barrie Pediatric Dentist

Our team of highly qualified dentists in Bari work with each patient (child, adolescent or adult) to build trust and ensure comfort. Thus, the entire dental procedure or examination procedure will not cause you any discomfort. If you need reliable general dental services, you can count on Molson Park Dental Office.

There are several treatment options you can consider. Some may require the orthodontist’s experience, while others, such as floss or a soft brush, do not. Our specialist knows how to correct dark triangles using all available techniques, including interproximal reduction, hyaluronic acid treatment, veneers, braces and composite resins. Talk to us and we will determine the most convenient and effective option for you.

At Molson Park Dental Office, we offer family dental care. Dentists in Toronto and Barrie, Dr. Leith works to instill confidence and comfort during every child’s dental visit. The Georgian Dental Clinic is located in the center of Bari, with easy access in all directions and ample free parking.

Our office is bright, welcoming and comfortable and our staff will always greet you and your family with a warm smile!

Barrie Cosmetic Surgery: Aesthetic Diagnosis

It all started 40 years ago at the turn of the century location in Orillia, before we expanded to a second location in Barrie. Georgian Dentistry was known as the Family Dental Center of Georgia and was located next to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Duckworth before moving to our current location on Bayfield Street.

The current location at 149 Bayfield Street, Barrie, Ontario is a building of unique historic interest. Recognized by the Ontario Tourism Board and the Barrie Historical Society as one of the finest and rarest examples of Edwardian architecture. The building we live in, also known as “Bar’s Grand Old Lady”, overlooks Kempenfelt Bay and was the original home of Bar’s first mayor. The building is featured on Barry & Tourism Ontario’s Grand Homes Tour, which you can download as a free self-guided walking tour here! According to legend, the building was visited by Frank Sinatra along with members of the “Rat Pack” during the Prohibition years.

Call Georgia Dental Specialists today to book an appointment. We give you all the advice you need for dental treatment. Embrace your smile in style!®

For a dental emergency, call our office right away at 705-710-9487 and we will schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible. Most cases can be treated the same day, so if you need urgent dental treatment, don’t delay. In case of serious injury, go to the nearest emergency department.

Tooth Extractions Barrie On

Our team of doctors and dentists have decades of experience and are committed to providing you with the best care in all areas of your dental health. Together, we have made many advancements in oral care techniques and technologies and are at the forefront of holistic dentistry practice.

Interested in joining the team at Georgian Dental® to further your career in dental health? We want to hear from you! We are always looking for caring, professional and attentive dentists, hygienists and support staff to join our team and provide excellent service to our patients. Comprehensive dental care in Barrie, Ontario. Ferris Lane Dental has been serving the Barrie community for over 30 years.

Whether it’s your little one’s first visit to the dentist or it’s time to improve your smile, Ferris Lane Dental offers dental care for the whole family. At Barry’s, we treat every patient like family and are committed to providing personalized dental care that’s right for you.

Some of our dental services include oral hygiene and cavity prevention, teeth whitening, Invisalign®, same day service for dental emergencies, and sedation for anxious patients.

About Our Dental Office In Woodland Hills, Ca

Whether you need a root canal, filling, or denture, our dentists can provide you with all the information and options to help you make more informed decisions about your oral health.

At Ferris Lane Dental in Barrie, we love your smile. We offer a convenient location, flexible hours, and dedicated service that will make you smile.

At Ferris Lane Dental in Barrie, we always welcome new patients to our dental family. We understand that everyone has unique oral health needs, so our dentists work with patients to develop an individualized treatment plan.

We understand how important family health is to our patients. At Ferris Lane Dental, we offer services for children of all ages, from their first tooth through adulthood. Not only do we maintain oral health, we also build relationships that last a lifetime.

Dental Clinics In Barrie

Ferris Lane Dental has been proudly serving the Barrie community and surrounding area for over 30 years! Dr. Adam Tan’s distinguished dental career began at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. He then attended Boston University’s Goldman School of Dentistry and earned a doctorate in dentistry. Dr. Tan has also received the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of General Dentistry and is accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. He is a best-selling author and has appeared in many media outlets. Dr. Tan takes a holistic approach to dentistry and addresses the needs of all patients while keeping the health of the entire body in mind.

Dr. Tan is the founder of Dental of Georgia®, a well-established holistic dental practice with 2 convenient locations in Barrie and Orillia. They use state-of-the-art technology, including low-radiation digital X-rays, iTero intraoral scanners, SQuAD™ safety and hygiene protocols, 3D printed dental restorations, and fast-healing laser dental procedures. They offer a wide range of dental procedures, including specialist pediatric dentistry and emergency dental care. They offer general and preventive dental procedures such as teeth, gums, dental checkups and more; to clean; dental files; sealant; Sports and night guard. Dr. Tan and his team treat patients with dental injuries such as cracks, missing teeth or infections using a variety of dental procedures. This includes, but is not limited to, tooth extractions, dental bonding, all 4 implants, bridges, full and partial dentures, and ConfidentURE® and various teeth whitening options.

Dr. Steve Mockray, DDS, has nearly 35 years of experience as a private dental health care provider for the Barrie community. He received his BA from McMaster University. Dr. Mokre attended the University of Toronto School of Dentistry and received his doctorate in dental surgery. He was recognized by ThreeBestRated® as one of the top 3 dentists in Bari in 2018 and 2019. Dr. Mokray offers an annual dental scholarship to its community.

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