Best Dating App In Chennai

Best Dating App In Chennai – Go the OTT route: More regional dating apps for India, with two online dating platforms coming in five months. After launching Arika, an online dating site for the Malayalam speaking audience, now comes Anbe, which focuses on the Tamil community.

It’s not just a place to watch videos from websites in specific languages. Even online dating sites are moving towards an over-the-top (OTT) platform.

Best Dating App In Chennai

After launching Arika, an online dating site for the Malayalam speaking audience, now comes Anbe, which focuses on the Tamil community.

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Vaishnavi Bharathi, 26, a doctor by profession, joined Anbe, which was announced to launch on Thursday, because she noticed a communication gap in other online dating programs.

“There was always a gap in my relationship with the people I met because I’m from Chennai but I live in Bangalore. Since Anbe is a Tamil woman, it’s easy to connect on an emotional level with all the shows. Also, there are a lot of Tamil pop culture references that can be used as cut,” he added.

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Able Joseph, who opened the Aisla dating line six years ago, started exploring the region’s space and first came up with Arika and then Anbe, which means darling in Tamil.

Like Arike, the reason behind starting a regional app like Anbe is that many young people from Chennai and Coimbatore are looking for an alternative to a matrimonial app, but it’s not as simple as a dating app, says Joseph.

“In Tamil Nadu, we have seen that it is one of the states that prefer high-spirited dating to casual dating,” he said.

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So Yusuf, like Arike, is targeting half a million users within six months of Anbe.

The goal of the two regional programs is to reach one million users in the first 300 days, Joseph said.

Snehil Khanor, CEO and founder of online dating platform TrulyMadly, said that while people in Tier II and III markets are choosing native language when it comes to online dating, it’s a long-term bet in terms of consumer spending. ARPU (average revenue per user) is low.

Pavan Gupta, co-founder of, an AI matchmaking service, said that while dating sites are seeing new growth in paid users, the renewal rate is not high at around 10-20%.

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If we take Arik as an example, only a single digit percent of its 1,40,000 users pay for features. Of these, only 10 percent opted for a six-month plan of its paid feature called Notes, which costs Rs 2,500.

The remaining two plans, which include a three-month plan priced at Rs 1,500 and a one-month plan priced at Rs 800, are chosen by 20 per cent users and 70 per cent users respectively.

Although revenue from these users is low, Honor says the volume is high, which makes revenue low, adding that users in regional markets are increasing their ability to pay.

Even Khanor started a Marathi micro channel two months ago TrulyMadly which was in beta stage.

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This is not surprising when we look at the Internet and Mobile Association of India’s (IAMAI) Kantar ICUBE 2020 report, which notes that digital adoption is increasing rapidly in rural India as smartphone usage increases.

Digital adoption has grown by 13% in the past year and there are now 299 million internet users in rural India.

Tanya Chaturvedi, reputation research and analytics analyst at marketing agency Mavericks India, said, “While foreign dating apps still have the largest market share, domestic apps are now holding steady. “They continue to grow,” he noted.

According to him, “According to Statista, from less than 10 percent of the market share in the 2010s, they now represent more than 50 percent of the share, which shows great growth. People in the region prefer local dialects. The creators of these apps also benefit from a deep understanding of the culture and lifestyles of the people they want to serve, creating an accessible platform for local audiences.”

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Chaturvedi’s emphasis on cultural knowledge and lifestyle is something that can also be found in Arike and Anbe. For example, there are suggestions for residents of Tamil Nadu that are used as ice cream and talk about the culture, characters and food of the region.

Also, when it comes to southern markets, industry players and experts say there is a need for online dating sites in the region.

“There is a lot of acceptance in the southern market. There is a lot of linguistic diversity in southern India, and if you look at the marriage bureaus in the community, there are many,” Gupta said.

“25 million users use matchmaking apps every month, including matrimonial dating apps like BharatMatrimony on Due to COVID-19, the number of users is increasing by 20-30 percent per year. So the estimated user of Internet Marriage is 10 – 15 million and the rest is for dating and serious dating programs,” said Gupta.

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“It is important to be aware of the possibility of manipulation in these (regional) markets, care must be taken when designing these products,” he added.

One of them is tracking profiles. If the profile is continuously blocked by the user, the profile will be suspended pending further review.

Another feature is word checking, where a group of moderators in both apps look for words that can be used to threaten or embarrass the user. Such hearings will be scheduled and the matter will be investigated.

A third way to ensure security is to encourage users to connect to verified profiles. When a user takes a selfie that matches their profile picture, the profile is verified in both apps.

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This includes viewing images, blocking + reporting, banning body shaming, checking for homophobic, ableist, racist, homophobic, homophobic or transphobic language.

The platform also has security features such as an encrypted database that uses artificial intelligence to catch, hide and alert users when an unwanted nude photo is sent.

Experts say that with proper security features, online dating websites are seeing positive growth in terms of user adoption. Indian dating apps that allow users to chat in local languages ​​are on the rise. This will be a relief for many young people who do not speak English well.

With a population of more than 1.3 billion, of which 20 percent are in the prime dating age population, Indian dating apps are looking to take advantage.

Going The Ott Way: More Regional Dating Apps Are Wooing Indians

A voice for locals, a slogan to promote a local industry, also seems to be about dating apps for young Indians. An internal study by dating app Aisle found that 70% of Indians find content written in the local language to be trustworthy. A large number of young people living in Tier II and III cities share their feelings through language. Dating apps are now monetizing this process.

Indian dating apps like Aisle and QuackQuack have introduced local languages. Aisle has launched two apps, Arik and Anbe, specifically for Malayalam and Tamil speaking users in India and abroad. “I can’t go beyond hello and hello in English apps because I’m not good at the language. But when the Tamil app is introduced, I can express myself freely,” says Keerthi Mahalingam, a Chennai-based engineer and user of the Tamil app. Hello.

According to the ShareChat region’s 2018 results report, the region’s content appeared on social networks in 2018. It has also helped in the growth of user-generated content in native languages. Microblogging site Twitter has also deployed its user interface in local languages

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