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Hello everyone, my name is Mike and I am an artist at Sin City Tattoo. I was born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and moved here to Vegas a few years ago. The type of art I specialize in is Polynesian tribal. My work consists of several basic motifs that have different meanings in Hawaiian culture, from Mauka (Mountain) to Makai (Sea). Examples range from spearheads to Honu (sea turtle) shells and more. Besides tribal work, I want to explore more in other types of tattooing. My goal is to give you the best in every tattoo because I believe you will always represent me as my client. Thanks for your time and I hope you like my work. Hi there!

Best Cover Up Tattoo Artist In Las Vegas

Make an appointment with a Polynesian style tattoo artist. Before getting random Polynesian tattoo designs, decipher their symbolism to properly express the meaning of your tattoo. Polynesian tattoos mainly focus on the four elements earth, earth, wings, water and fire. A tattoo artist who understands the symbolism of the Polynesian tradition will be the best way to get the right tattoo artist.

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Writing was not popular in Polynesia many years ago. Art is the way Polynesian people speak out loud to learn more about the personality and uniqueness of others – this is the birth of the Polynesian tattoo. Tattoos reveal a person’s social status, sexual maturity, rank and hierarchical position. In 1797, when the missionaries arrived, the Polynesian sites were off limits. In the eighties of the 19th century, ancient art was revived again. However, the government again banned the procedure due to a lack of information about how the disease could be transmitted simply by sharing needles (or in their case wooden and bone utensils). We continue to describe Polynesian tattooing with new tattooing techniques.

Michael is the kindest and most dedicated tattoo artist at Sin City Tattoo. He is kind and courteous with his customers. He is nothing short of a surgeon when it comes to your tattoo and tattoo design. The man stops at nothing, because he hides in tattoos and art. Allow Sin City Tattoo the honor of designing a new black and gray aqua/Polynesian tattoo today.

Color or black and gray chest tattoos start at $800 and range from $1,200 to $1,600 depending on the quality of detail. There are many details that require Michael to meet with you 2-3 times initially. We can provide high volume same day tattoo service to clients and it costs every dollar and cent. How much sense does it make and how much does it cost.

You get the best tattoo service in Las Vegas or your deposit back! As you can see from the comments, no questions were asked. We thank our clients for respecting their time, creativity and space. Your money and time, as well as your landscape, are valuable to us.

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Get a full or half Polynesian tattoo on your arm, hand, wrist, bicep, tricep or arm at Sin City Tattoo located in the heart of Las Vegas near W Flamingo rd at the corner of Flamingo and Decatur.

Let Michael or one of his friendly staff help you schedule a one-day appointment or answer your questions. You can call or text Michael at (702) 473-0552. Upload separately as you only upload one image and one text at a time. Please mention “Michael” when you message so we can send him your information.

Meet Michael Rosal from Hawaii, now home to Island 9. Michael is a Polynesian tattoo artist based in Las Vegas, California, Arizona and the West Coast. Sin City Tattoo is passionate about building community and getting to know our customers/families. Your minimum investment to start your tattoo business is around $80-$100. Not only is he the best in Las Vegas for Polynesian tattoos, Michael also creates some of the best black and gray tattoos, as well as watercolor tattoos. Call, text or fill out the online contact form and schedule your group tour/meeting.

To inquire about a Polynesian tattoo or tribal tattoo, please call first. This is a skull tattoo, moon tattoo, Polynesian tattoo or Maori tattoo. Michael or a member of his staff will make sure you are well informed. Ask us about Polynesian chest tattoos in Las Vegas or about special offers. These Polynesian tattoos contain history and culture. Please send us a message to inquire about our Sin City Tattoo Samoa Half Sleeve theme or custom Vegas theme. Note code: SCTVEGASPOLY

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Have Michael Rosa design any design that has nothing to do with Polynesian tattoos and you will be amazed. From portraits to new traditional tattoos. He likes to do water colors, anatomical tattoos and more.

Let the artist create the best tattoo templates for any letter, black and gray or color tattoo. Let our artists draw or remove your tattoo so we can show you what your new tattoo will look like.

How much does a word tattoo cost? The cost of any tattoo, whether it’s a text tattoo or an old English word tattoo, will depend on how much the artist charges you per letter. Request a quote now via our online contact form.

So how much does a tattoo cost per letter? How much does a tattoo cost, how much does each letter cost. You can get a quote with one of our artists through our online contact form or give us a call today. Most tattoo tips can cost between $40-60, even a tattoo shop has at least $60. Of course, fonts can be more expensive depending on the size.

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If you divide each letter by the total value of your price assigned to you by the money master, you can take the word and divide it by letter, which in turn gives you your price. When you get a quote, your artist will explain our tattoo price calculator.

You can call ahead to find out how much a small tattoo will cost. We accept tattoos. Let our staff give you an example of a tattoo price based on the quality of the artist and the complexity of your new tattoo.

We have an I Store price list for your expenses. Check tattoo prices with our square chart. We always price text or word tattoos on a cost per letter basis.

A long history is associated with the Polynesian people and they influence the tattoo. Michael is no exception with his style and ability to take artists concepts and turn them into out of this world tattoos. (702) 473-0552 Send us your tattoo questions and concerns. Looking for the best tattoo shops near me on The STRIP? Find Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas Casinos. Read Las Vegas tattoo parlor reviews and more. (702) 473-0552

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The beautifully colored tattoos were done by Gator at Sin City Tattoo in Las Vegas NV. Hand drawn colored female tattoo with red, yellow, purple, orange and white highlights.

Our Down Town Tattoo Shop artists use the lightest ink colors possible and create custom artwork. Sin City Tattoo can handle all styles of tattooing down to the smallest details.

Our professional Tattoo Skin Factory artists also perform body piercing. They offer all standard piercings. New needles are used for each new client, and all needles used in our work are sterilized in the hospital.

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