Best Coffee In Columbus

Best Coffee In Columbus – * This piece on the best coffee shops in Columbus is a guest post by Heather from Ohio Girl Travels

As the capital of Ohio, Columbus welcomes visitors and locals alike to experience the thriving heart of Ohio! I often think of Columbus as a hidden gem of the Midwest, with a great food and art scene and most amazingly, one of the best coffee scenes in the world!

Best Coffee In Columbus

To showcase our many local coffee shops, the Columbus Coffee Trail has 17 coffee shop locations. Visitors (and residents) can pick up a Columbus Coffee Trail Pass at one coffee shop, purchase a drink at four or more coffee shops, then return the completed one to the Experience Columbus Visitor Center for a free Columbus T-shirt! It’s a fun way to explore the coffee shops of Columbus!

Voted The Best Local Coffee Shops In Columbus, Ohio

With a commitment to education, quality and sustainability, the Columbus coffee experience has become one of the best in the world! From a frothy cappuccino, flavored latte or mocha, a shot of espresso, your favorite pour over to a local cold beer, the Columbus coffee experience has it all!

Stauf’s Coffee Roasters has been a Columbus staple since 1988. It has three locations; Grandview, North Market and German Village, residents and visitors alike will enjoy delicious coffee at one of Columbus’ premier coffee shops. My favorite place is Stauf’s-Grandview. With a large, free parking lot (behind the building), lots of tables inside (a few tables outside), plenty of places to charge electronic devices and free Wi-Fi, Stauf’s-Grandview has become my favorite place to work in Columbus . .

Although it can be a popular spot, I would recommend trying mid-morning to grab a small table, set up your workspace and don’t forget your headphones if you want to drown out the noise of others. Order a cup of delicious coffee, my favorites are their cappuccino, vanilla latte or white mocha. If you’re hungry, Stauf’s-Grandview has breakfast and lunch available (kitchen open until 3 p.m.) or snack on local produce and cake. They even have 60 varieties of coffee beans from over 20 countries to buy and make your own cup at home!

Daily hours: Sunday 8:00. to 10:00, Monday through Thursday 6:30. to 10:00, Friday 6:30. to midnight and Saturday 7:00 a.m. until midnight.

Bri + Zac

In the heart of German Village, Pistacia Vera welcomes guests to enjoy delicious local coffee and French-inspired desserts and pastries. With a cool and bright atmosphere, the large floor-to-ceiling windows allow guests to enjoy their coffee, cake or brunch (served until 2 p.m.) overlooking the brick streets of German Village. My favorites are the Pistacia Vera ilatte, pain au chocolat, and pistachio, passion fruit and cocoa nib macarons.

With free parking (a small parking lot across the street and some parking spaces on the street), a small restaurant and a few outdoor tables, Pistacia Vera wants its customers to enjoy the experience in their cozy coffee shop, so there is no Wi-Fi. supplies or access to electricity. Pistacia Vera is a great place to enjoy a good book, meet a friend or loved one for brunch or treat yourself to a delicious handmade meal!

Located in a renovated Masonic garage in Italian Village, Fox in the Snow Café is probably one of Columbus’ most famous coffee shops. Serving hot and cold ice drinks poured by hand, cakes made from scratch in an open lighted area, Fox in winter welcomes guests to enjoy their experience in this cafe. My favorite thing at Fox in the Snow is a latte and all the delicious pastries!

With a few wooden tables, a long counter facing the bakery’s large windows, an outdoor area, a free parking space, a few electric lights, but no Wi-Fi available, Fox in the Winter is a place where ‘Conversation can’ to be seen and the whole room felt cool. It is the perfect place to enjoy a book, listen to good music, enjoy a conversation or eat delicious handmade treats!

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This hidden gem of a coffee shop offers on-site small batch roasted coffee, loose tea, iced coffee, espresso shots, homemade muffins and cookies, donuts from Destination Donuts (served on weekends only), bagels from Sammy’s Bagels and sells their specialty . he burns coffee beans. My favorites at Luck Bros’ Coffee are the cappuccino, white chocolate mocha and vanilla latte.

Luck Bros’ is located in a small shopping center with free parking (small parking lot and street parking), many small tables, offers free Wi-Fi and many shops available in the cafe. I like the cool place, the coffee is delicious and the sound (with different music) plays in the shop!

Located in the heart of the German Village, Winans Chocolates + Coffees welcomes visitors to sip delicious roasted coffee and sip on handmade chocolates. Both coffee and chocolate are made in Piqua, OH for the original Winans Chocolate + Coffee. Winans offers roasted coffee, lattes and mochas, pour-overs and frozen drinks. My favorites at Winans include vanilla latte, seasonal latte (they make great seasonal drinks in great flavors!)

Visitors to Winans get free street parking, a small cozy atmosphere with a few tables inside and outside on the terrace, a great assortment of handmade chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth and delicious coffee. Winans is one of those places to grab a cup of coffee and dessert, read a book, meet some friends and enjoy delicious Ohio-made chocolate and coffee!

Get Caffeinated With Columbus Coffee Fest At Ohio Village

These are just a few of the many great options for the best coffee shops in Columbus! Come experience the welcoming Midwestern charm of Ohio’s capital and visit one or more of our local coffee shops!

Heather is from Ohio Girl Who Travels, a small town Midwestern girl with a passion for books, dogs, motorcycle tours, travel and wine. Whether he’s promoting the world, exploring the United States, or finding hidden gems in his hometown of Ohio, he shares all his experiences on his blog and on social media!

The couple are drivers, dreamers and travelers. We are a couple in our 30s who are crazy about each other and about what happens together. We first met in a hostel in Scotland, and our lives have never been the same since.

Two Drifters is where love meets adventure. Here we share our tips and stories for better relationships, stronger marriages, and ways to find love and adventure as a couple. From the latest advice to romance, we aim to be your #1 source for romance and relationship travel. Young, energetic, and caffeinated. I spent a few days in Columbus exploring the area, visiting museums and enjoying local shops. But nothing surprises me more than the number of coffee shops. So guess where I spent most of my time in Ohio’s capital city?

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Every time I visit a new place, I spend several hours on Google Maps – my favorite route planner – looking for places of interest. After sweeping nearly 100 stores, I wondered if this could be the most caffeinated city in the world. It is quite possible.

With three days that felt shorter than they were, I ducked into a coffee shop in between visiting some POIs in the city. Unfortunately I only tried ten. But that just gave me an excuse to return to Columbus and complete the Columbus Coffee Trail.

Food and beverage tourism has become synonymous with international travel. Hikers can find beer on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, wine on the Finger Lakes Wine Trails, and delicious pulled pork on the North Carolina Historic Barbecue Trail.

The route includes around ten cafes offering locally roasted beans and fresh coffee. The mobile app, downloadable through the Columbus Tourism website, maps coffee shops around your current location. Buy a coffee, ask for the app’s verification code, and check out the coffee shop.

The Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Columbus Where You Can Actually Get Work Done

After checking in at just four stops, you’ll receive a commemorative t-shirt. But you have to search all the coffee shops along the way to find an insulated coffee glass.

Note: The folks at Columbus Tourism have updated the app. If you find that the app has no data, you need to delete it from your phone and download the app from the link above.

In 1973, Don and Sally Dean opened a pipe shop in Englewood, Ohio, called the Boston Stoker Pipe Shop. In the first years, the couple started brewing high quality coffee and offering it to their customers for free. Their love of coffee fueled their original business, and eventually they began roasting their own beans, purchased directly from a farm in Costa Rica.

Today, the Dayton-based coffee shop and bakery has five locations throughout Ohio, including one in Columbus. Boston Stoker is located in a small shopping area in front of Goodale Park in the north of the city. The interior design of the living room with large picture windows creates a bright and relaxing atmosphere.

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