Best Circus In The World

Best Circus In The World – Circus of the Sun is the main representative of the modern type of circus. The company was founded in 1984 by Guy Laliberte and Daniel Gauthier. It is located in Montreal, Canada. Cirque du Soleil employs more than 4,000 people working in different groups. These groups of people give performances simultaneously in many places around the world.

Animals were not found in Circus du Soleil, so the lack of animals in the games made the game different from other traditional games.

Best Circus In The World

The artists in the game are between 10 and 45 years old. They put on great shows. The annual income of the circus exceeds 600 million dollars. “Cirque du Soleil” is said to have given new life to circus art. The game delighted the audience at the 50th anniversary of the “Oscar” and “Grammy” awards. Circus opened the last music contest “Eurovision” in Moscow in 2009.

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Du Soleil is the best Cirque show. Adds two characters. Magical and beautiful games paint the world of the city without color during the show. This contrast arouses interest and fuels the imagination, just like in a fairy tale. Dreams come true and talents go from ordinary to extraordinary.

The exhibition “Sarkana” is amazing, which was created for two famous places – the New York Music Hall, which is considered the largest in the world, and the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

Drama produces unforgettable results. It has 100 minutes of endless imagination and wit that will take your breath away. It shows a good appearance and has high quality clothes and beautiful appearance. The music played during the show was written by Nick Littlemore, a fan of Australian singer Sir Elton John.

A show at Du Soleil is built on the principle of an opera or a film, and the action does not stop for a minute. Light is a visual phenomenon that alternates happily or mysteriously, darkening and flashing at the last moment. Music and dialogue are unique here.

Fourteen Bengal Tigers All Around The Edge Of The Big Top Ring Are Ready To Perform At The International Circus Festival Of Monte Carlo That Is Held Annually In The Principality Of Monaco

The show starts with a small hunchback coming on stage. It is very high quality. At the end, the artists rush to sing and throw off their masks.

Cirque du Soleil Cirque du Soleil The circus represents the most powerful body in the world. Here the tears of joy flow!

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Cirque du Soleil – The World’s Largest Circus Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, Visions, Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, Canvas, Pictures Cirque du Soleil – The World’s Largest Circus – Fourteen Bengal Tigers All in the Management of Monaco, French Riviera , Europe Big- top ring sites are ready to participate in the annual Monte Carlo International Circus Festival. The famous party was created in 1974 by the late Prince Rainier III, who had a lifelong interest in the sport and wanted to showcase and honor the world’s best athletes. The event continues today, showcasing 25 of the best sporting achievements in January each year.

Performing In Circus Big Top Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

14 Bengal tigers on the edge of the big ring are ready to take part in the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival, which takes place every year in Monaco on the French Riviera in Europe. The famous party was created in 1974 by the late Prince Rainier III, who had a lifelong interest in the sport and wanted to showcase and honor the world’s best athletes. The event continues today, showcasing 25 of the best sporting achievements in January each year. Since Prince Rainier’s death in 2005, the festival has been led by his youngest daughter, Princess Stephanie.

Animal Acts Annual Event Bengal Big Cats Captive Circus Circus Festivals Ring Circus Circus European Entertainment Animal Events Popular Festivals French Riviera Horizontal Indoor Arena Indoor International Circus Festival Monte Carlo Landscape Show Prince Mammals Performance Cyber ​​Security Management Animal Training Tigers Tigers were an important part of 20th century entertainment, including sports, athletics, art shows, equestrian shows, theatre, wild animal shows and music. The beautiful nature that was popular in the last centuries gradually disappeared. However, circus families continued their long history and endless tours around the world.

The early 20th century was called the golden age of the game, and one of the jewels was the German-born Lilien Leitzel. His specialty was a combination of acrobatics performed in Roman rings 50 feet above the arena. At the big end he did a pinwheel on the rope, spinning at the top while holding the ring with one hand. He can bend so fast that his arm can break and fall back on his shoulder pads all the time.

In 1922, Carl Wallenda created the Great Wallendas, a group of daredevils who built high wires, bicycles and human pyramids. Soon they got a new name: during their performance in Ohio, the group fell on a wire and were saved by the grace of luck. Then a reporter said, “Mr. Wallenda fell so gracefully that he seemed to fly.” From then on, the group became the Flying Wallendas.

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The Danish Schumann family, who gave their first concert in 1914, were world-renowned horsemen. They brought high school riding and horse freedom to the next level. The royal families of Sweden and Denmark regularly attend Schumann’s openings in Stockholm or Copenhagen. In London, Queen Elizabeth never missed her shows and always visited the stables after the shows.

Polina deserves a special mention: she started as a dancer and dancer, and became a legend in athletics. Drawing on his past experiences, he revolutionized the classic idea of ​​the circus horse costume by adding art, layout and design from the 50s and 60s. He brought the advancement of thematic theater in lighting, music and costumes.

Known as the “Wizard of the Wire” or “The Toreador of the Wire”, Australian-born Con Colliano was one of the highest-paid and highest-paid circus performers of all time. He held the record for being the first person to wear a brace. His excellent artistic skills, including the beauty of Spanish cadences and torador movements performed on the wire, entertained American audiences from 1925 until his retirement in 1959.

The Russian comedian Oleg Popov became known in Europe and the USA for his performances in Auguste and Moscow Circus. Dressed in minimal make-up and a slightly inappropriate outfit, the comedian brought laughter to the audience by playing on the street to a Muscovite who endlessly tried to imitate the accepted artists.

Of The Most Dangerous Circus Acts Performed Today

Marvelous Mabel Stark was the trainer and performer of Ringling’s world-famous catwalk from the 1920s. Mabel was known to be brave and fearless: in 1928 she sneaked into the playground and was attacked by two of her tigers, who seriously injured her. He needed around 400 bandages and weeks of bandages, but was soon back on the field. He was famous for 57 years.

An American cat breeder who has been famous for more than 45 years once introduced 40 “Black Man African Lions and Royal Bengal Tigers.” In keeping with the American cat tradition of threatening and attacking animals as a symbol of human authority, he makes a whip noise and fires an empty gun. However, this method caused the glory of the event to quickly cool: many began to sympathize with the animals used for the exercise to defeat them. By the end of the 20th century, non-violent circuses such as Cirque du Soleil and Cavalia had lost much of their popularity.

A famous artist from seven generations of Italian circus artists, one of the most famous people today. He used pantomime and the audience to create comedy without humor or embellishment.

Eastern European athletes were especially celebrated for their athleticism and tumbling. “The Flying Cranes” was a spectacular show with a trapeze and various musical instruments that told the story of the fallen heroes of the Russian war. When the heroes rise, they become “white cranes”: actors fly in the sky in white clothes, shown with theatrical lighting, effects and spectacular music. “When the door opens, the show begins. The audience laughs, is surprised, and some begin to cry. The emotions are wonderful. They are controlled by the hands and movements of a man with a red nose, baggy pants and a special appearance.

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