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Best Chiropractor In Lafayette La – Dr. Michelle Carr is a graduate of Southwestern Louisiana University. He continued his studies in Houston, Texas, where he earned a degree in human biology. While in Houston, Dr. Carr received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and graduated from the Chiropractic College of Texas. Michelle was secretary of the Student Body Association and president of the Louisiana Student Chiropractic Association, both while attending school at TCC. During her internship, Michelle participated in an inpatient rotation program at Houston Medical Center, including neurology and family medicine internships. Additionally, while in Texas, Dr. Carr achieves his goal of becoming an Acupuncturist in Texas.

Recently, Dr. Carr was elected to the Board of Directors of the Texas Chiropractic College Alumni Association. The Lafayette Lions football team has selected him as the team’s official chiropractor for all player needs.

Best Chiropractor In Lafayette La

Hello and welcome! Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Michelle M. Carr. I am truly dedicated to educating my patients about chiropractic care and the benefits it provides. My primary goal is to help current and future patients make an informed and educated decision about their health care, to understand that everyone is an individual and their needs are treated appropriately. Please call my office at (337) 993-2277 to schedule an appointment. I hope your quality of life improves! Sincerely, Dr. Michelle M. Carr

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A growing craft rum distillery located in the heart of Acadiana, Louisiana. Wildcat Brothers Distilling has an award winning locally owned and operated distilled rum and plans to make other great products. Coming from Lafayette, I am very proud to have Wildcat Brothers Distiller as part of our community and making authentic Louisiana products. They are an inspiration to all Cajuns. Keep Louisiana strong and beautiful by shopping and supporting local businesses like these! Who and what is Wildcat Brothers Distillery about? Company Information: Name: Wildcat Brothers Distillery Description: We are Acadiana’s premier craft rum distiller, building on our ancestral distilling traditions. We only use ingredients sourced from local farmers or American artisans, many of which are exclusive to our distillery. Passed down from generation to generation, we make our French-style rum where the ingredients grow best, in the heat of our ancestral south and the cool shade of the orchard. Address: 2601 SE Evangeline Thwy Lafayette, LA 70508 Phone: (337) 257-3385​​​​​​​​​Website: Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] in the news:

WaitR is an official born-and-bred food delivery service founded locally and headquartered in Lafayette, LA. The company offers fast, quality local delivery at a reasonable price and serves most of Acadiana. Our Recommendation/Company Rating: The Acadiana Business Directory recommends accepting WaitR by choosing its services over similar competitors. Despite the bad reputation, the company has seen community response to the events that took place over a year ago, in 2018-2019. Why? This company is truly local, they are based here and the company has many employees who are all local. It’s better for Acadiana’s economy than rival Door Dash, which operates across the country. Background: The company came under heavy criticism and criticism after a brief period in which the company’s leadership was publicly offensive. Since then, the company has undergone a complete change in management and management personnel. Before that, the company was about to be listed on the public stock market. Today, the company shows earnings reports that show consistent changes from negative earnings to positive results. […]

Check out the newest and coolest waffle shop in Lafayette and greater Acadiana. Called Viva La Waffle, it recently opened and is located along Kali Saloom Road. Waffles and Waffles brought the best fried sandwiches to the apartment, with flavors like peanut butter and jelly, Nana nutella, roscheaux, classic, buffalo and even s’more waffle sandwiches. Company History/Origin Story: In 2010, Collin Cormier was the executive chef of a restaurant in his hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. He had been thinking about starting his own restaurant for several months. One morning, during the lunch service, hunger struck. Collin quickly grabbed two pieces of bacon, placed them on top of the waffle and folded the waffle. But before he could bite, he heard the angels sing. He took a picture of the sandwich and sent it to his wife Jasmyne. Viva La Waffle was born. Inspired by that quick breakfast sandwich, Collin decided to open one of Lafayette’s first food trucks. The truck served unique sandwiches that used waffles instead of bread. In the summer of 2011, the Viva La Waffle food truck hit the road. The next day the dream was gone […]

The Refinery Mission is a non-profit Christian organization based in Acadiana, Louisiana. They offer emergency housing, transitional housing, addiction and alcohol recovery programs, and a program for adults leaving jail/prison re-entering society. This organization makes us very proud to be from Lafayette, LA! History: Our organization was founded in 1988, and much has changed in that time. We wanted our brand to reflect these changes. Our previous name was not independent or unique. Sometimes this was combined with other local “beacon missions” and across the country. The jobs are closely related to what happens in the oil refinery. For example, crude oil is very valuable and popular, but not very useful in its current form. Once refined, it is more valuable, more desirable, and much more useful in our world. When a new resident arrives at our facility, we and God will love and desire him, but he struggles to be useful in society. When he is cleansed by God, he becomes a better worker, friend, brother, father, son and citizen in our community. Address: 704 W South St, Opelousas, LA 70570 Phone Number: (337) 948-8865 Email: [email protected] Website: More […]

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We believe River House has the best chance for sober living success during an alcoholic or addict’s early sobriety compared to other sober living facilities in Lafayette, LA and Acadiana. River House is more than 10 years old and is managed by Mr. Nick Holubik, a recovering addict with over 21 years of sobriety. Nick is known in the local recovery community for being passionate about helping alcoholics/addicts who are still suffering, but he doesn’t take shit. His simple lifestyle is based on fundamentals and routines for success, not failure. Most other sober living places do not have these types of resources available. You can trust them to be the rock of your sobriety, stable and ready to help those who need it. A proud Level 2 member of the Louisiana Association for Recovery Homes and a House of Appeals member of the National Alliance for Recovery Homes, providing community, standards, ethics and training. Address: 136 River Road, Lafayette, LA 70501 Phone: (337) 210-8882 Email: [email protected] Website: https://www. Important website pages: Incoming: How to start a visit to the House […]

Prestine Mobile Detailing LA is one of the best, most respected and best auto detailers in Lafayette Parish and all of Acadiana. Over 50 years of combined experience in professional automotive engineering in South Louisiana. 100% satisfaction guarantee comes to you! Call and request a FREE estimate. Phone Number: (337)303-5829 Email: [email protected] Website: Follow on Social Media: Facebook

Precious Paw Prints Animal Rescue is based in Crowley, LA and does an incredible job saving the lives of hundreds of dogs every year. They do this by rescuing dogs from shelters and placing their fosters online, then sending the dogs to New Jersey where they can find a new home. Website: Other important pages: ⇒ Adopt a dog application ⇒ Surrender a pet ⇒ Breed a dog in Acadiana ⇒ Email donation: [email protected] Check out other guides: ⇒ Manta . com ⇒ ⇒ OpenCorporates .com Social Media: ⇒ Facebook dogs currently on Precious Paw Prints: As of 05/01/2020 Click directly to see updated dogs online: ⇒ media/ set/ ? vanity=PreciousPawPrintsRescue&set=a.382073349113861

Pete’s Restaurant, located on Johnston Street, is one of Lafayette’s oldest and best restaurants, serving classic Cajun favorites. The business is owned by a family from Lafayette, Louisiana and Acadiana. You’ll find over 20 HDTVs showing the latest and most popular NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA games. This is the official viewing site for the University of Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns! When you look at the big picture, it’s no secret why Pete’s has been a Lafayette tradition.

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