Best Burgers In Baltimore

Best Burgers In Baltimore – I love your dramatic entrance: a wooden doorknob through a velvet curtain that keeps guests warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I love your dark walnut interior, mysterious but never boring. I love your traditional wooden bar with craft beer on tap. I love your quirky farm tool decor and silly bar art.

I love your servers who are often sarcastic and never try to sell me something I don’t want. I love the beautiful wallpaper in your bathroom, which opens from the pages of classic literature, which makes me sit, read, much more than I intended, and probably scares the people who come after. And I like your price. My God, you’re a bargain.

Best Burgers In Baltimore

I love your vegetarian burger, homemade and flavored with nuts, herbs and flour. I love your fried chicken sandwich, served on a warm sweet brioche bun with stuffed bell peppers and Swiss cheese. I love your Rosada Farm “Crosstown” beef burger, sometimes with a fried egg on top, always with crispy sweet bacon and horseradish cheddar.

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On a quiet Tuesday afternoon, I was surprised to be one of three dining tables. We arrived at half past six in the morning, but after seven the bars and restaurants were full, so we had no problem.

I started my meal with an Allgash White Belgian Style Ale and was pleasantly surprised to find that my beer was free (!) during happy hour because I ordered a burger. For local beer drinkers, HamTav offers Union and Brewer’s Art beers, and a Zeke’s coffee porter, as well as an eclectic array of craft IPAs, white beers, brown beers, pilsners, porters and stouts.

I had dinner with my husband and six year old son and unlike some of the hipster bars in town, our servers and fellow diners made us feel completely at ease because we had so much. There was a baby in a carrier at a nearby table and we met at the bar. I’m not saying that the place has been taken over by racists, just saying that HamTav is offering an “everyone is welcome here” and that is appreciated.

We started with their fragrant onion rings, which come with a semi-spicy remoulade sauce, and proceeded to eat all but one, which I saved to stuff on my burger.

The 5 Best Burger Places In Baltimore

While in other establishments some of the onion stems fall apart and thin strings of onions come out of the wrapper, this has never happened to me at Ham Tao. Their onion rings are light and quite thick, uneven and more akin to a tempura than a crusty bread, which can overpower the deliciousness of the Vidalia onions.

Although they don’t have an extensive children’s menu, HamTav caters to little ones and my son enjoyed his grilled cheese. I’m a stickler for grilled cheese (white bread and cheddar, please) and the house fries were salty and crisp, with a hint of burnt bitterness. Everything disappeared, even the pickles. And yes, there is a Boba Fett figure hidden behind the plate.

Now we have to talk about the pages. Hamilton Tavern does not serve sides and the decision of what to order with the burger is an important one and may require coordination at your table if you wish to sample and share.

If you want to feel healthy, opt for their salad, which is a generous portion of locally grown vegetables, topped with a spicy garlic vinaigrette. If you want to feel almost healthy, you can choose the broccoli salad, which is a special mix of grandma’s old-fashioned mayonnaise and bacon.

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They’ve cut down on the mayo nose a lot, but offer enough vinegar and creaminess to keep it together. Crispy, raw broccoli is seasoned with red onion, bacon, and cheddar cheese, and again, the ratio of toppings and broccoli is key here. Very small and simple. Too much and it’s cold. The broccoli salad at HamTav is perfect, which is why I always make it.

Other options include house fries, hand-cut fries, and onion rings, lettuce, and broccoli options for an extra dollar.

My husband chose the homemade veggie burger, but topped with a gooey fried egg and cheese and a side salad. He’s clearly not a vegetarian, just trying to be healthy, and his burger, loaded with lentils and herbs and not sure what else, offers a satisfying texture that was knobby, but creamy, with a crispy fried crust.

Served on a sesame-embryo cheese bun with mayonnaise, the veggie burger had a subtle nutty flavor enhanced by fat and frying, almost like a larger, less grainy falafel. It was so wet it almost fell apart, but it held together.

Best Burgers In Baltimore

In my opinion, my burger was the winner of the meal. I asked for it to be medium, and it was medium pink. If this amount of raw meat scares you, ask nicely. Nobody will judge you.

The burger pieces were hot with mayonnaise and cheese. Brown sugar and salty bacon melted into each bite and served as a sweet top note to the salty, fresh meat flavors. The salad was crisp and velvety and provided a crisp contrast. And my onion rings tucked under the top bun were probably too much, but they added some complexity to the crunchy flavor and umami.

This burger was huge and I cut it in half, telling myself I had to save the other half for lunch the next day. But I couldn’t stop eating! Halfway through I said who wants to have lunch? And he just went for it. This burger was delicious, just like you imagine a good bacon cheeseburger should taste like. The HamTav burger is the same; I have never been disappointed.

I mention consistency here because we all have a tendency to take things that are always good in our lives, like NPR and mom. Now that the Hamilton Tavern is an established part of the Baltimore bar food scene, it’s easy to forget that it exists, to support a great local restaurant that takes pride in its food.

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Consider this your reminder: Go to Hamilton Tavern! Go to burger night when your beer is free. Go there any other night. go fast being late Take your son, your son, your father-in-law. Or go it alone, stand at the bar and flirt with the bartenders.

This place is great and very easy on the wallet. It’s almost too good to be true.

The Power of Love II bolsters an impressive list of products throughout the year. Cabbages, pumpkins, and bananas are among the produce shipped to the city.

The Baltimore Spirits Company Cocktail Gallery offers a shot at one of my favorite pairings: cocktails and art.

The Best Burger In Every State

Chyno is many things at once: foodie, business owner, cannabis advocate, father of a wonderful plant collection.

Through her work, Chano creates a better reality not only for herself but for many others in this city.

Fulton wants to be a place for sophomores to experience, some of it hopefully a little deeper than my belated, sweaty memories, a place where friends can gather and spark conversation. Restaurant & Bar Here are the best burgers in Maryland It’s barbecue season and that means lots of burgers. Here you can find the best burgers in Maryland.

BALTIMORE, MD – Whoever coined the phrase “As American as apple pie” may need to reconsider whether burgers really are our favorite. It may be that every food website and blogger has their own ranking of the best burger in the state, and they don’t always agree.

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Of course, “two American-style beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, in a sesame seed” may not sound the same, but at least it will be really accurate, especially when Americans spent. Just $388 million worth of stock this week alone, according to CNBC. But if you don’t feel like grilling your own burger, or your boss’s barbecue invitation got lost in the mail, a recent MSN report says there’s a great place to try in Baltimore. .

The website recently ran an article on “The Best Burger in Every State” and found that the Abbey Burger Bistro in Baltimore is the best in Maryland.

“It’s only fair that one of the best burgers in Maryland includes the official food of the state: crab meat,” says MSN. “Yes, the Baltimore Burger at Abbey Burger Bistro with house crab dip on top of an Angus beef patty, plus bacon and cheddar cheese.” It’s a surf and turf delight!

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However, there are roughly 50,000 burger places in the United States (1.6 burger joints per 10,000 Americans), so if that’s not to your liking, give them a try under the names of other burger fans.

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