Best Breweries In Missoula

Best Breweries In Missoula – When you think of the best cities for beer, Denver, Portland, and Asheville immediately come to mind. But the breweries in Missoula, Montana, have quietly made the city the pinnacle of beer.

A recent study looked at the number of breweries, number of bars, and local pint prices to find the best cities for beer drinkers in the US, and Missoula, Montana came in at #9!

Best Breweries In Missoula

After pioneering craft beer in Montana, if you love craft beer and craft beer, Missoula should be on your bucket list!

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Whether you’re looking to start a brewery or find a great place to live in Missoula, we offer a downtown location to keep you close to the hip strip and all the fun. has the world’s most extensive (and luxury) accommodation portfolio. In our experience, they consistently found the cheapest rooms. We also like their easy-to-use interface and withdrawal policy. We personally use when booking our trips.

The most convenient location for a brewery. Located very close to downtown on main street, you can walk to 3 breweries as well as many restaurants and bars.

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My parents stayed here when they visited and we highly recommend this hotel. Located one minute from the Milwaukee River Trail, this hotel is within 10 minutes of 3 breweries and dozens of restaurants and bars!

Doubletree is located on the Clark Fork River. 5 minute drive to University of Montana and 10 minute drive to Higgins Ave.

Let’s kick things off with a quick lesson on Montana beer laws, because they can be pretty strict at local Montana breweries (if you like to drink like we do).

But, Montana state law makes it difficult for beer lovers to get a few pints at a Montana brewery. Because breweries can serve customers only from 10 am to 8 pm.

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Additionally, it is illegal to serve more than 48 ounces of beer to a customer in one day. That’s 3 pints of information.

Even worse, if your brewery produces more than 10,000 barrels a year, you can only offer free samples to customers. (All of these have some drawbacks, for what it’s worth).

While it’s unfair to have breweries in Montana, it made us want to try craft beer (and the rest of Montana) and all that these local Missoula breweries have to offer. Poor us!

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Amazing Things To Do In Missoula, Montana (getaway Guide)

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One of the largest breweries in Missoula and the entire state of Montana is Big Sky Brewing. Big Sky Brewing has a full line of beers including their popular Moose Drool Brown Ale and Summer Honey Wheat Ale. The founders, who are longtime friends and homebrewers, were impressed with the very strong lineup of Bavarian lagers (see below), but knew they needed to offer something new and different to focus on English beer, and felt Missoula was the perfect fit. is Space for another brewery… That was right!

In the summer (and non-Covid times) there is a large concert hall and amphitheater behind the brewery, which has featured names such as Luke Bryan, The Avett Brothers, Bob Dylan, The Freys and more.

That’s how we felt when we visited Draft Works Brewery in Missoula, Montana. Upon entering a few steps you immediately smell the “brewery”. And that’s a good thing. Not like the smell of stale beer from those college parties you went to.

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One of the most diverse lists of all the breweries in Missoula, it’s full of IPAs, pales, sours, lagers, stouts, and even seltzer. A variety of beers make this Great American Beer Festival a crowd-pleaser. Samantha usually hates blood orange beers, but she had a blood orange gose that was surprisingly balanced and approachable. Chris had a Pineapple Express IPA that he didn’t hesitate to put in front of any IPA drinker.

Summer gentlemen, enjoy your beer on their large wrap-around patio with a heater in the winter.

Highlander Beer has a storied history (like many breweries in Missoula). Highlander Beer actually began in 1890 as the Missoula Brewing Company.

In the early 1900s, they asked permission for the New York Highlanders baseball team to use the Highlanders name, which later became the Yankees. The Highlander was a mainstay for Montanans for decades before closing its doors in the 1960s.

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Revived in 2015, Highlander Beer is back and serving up great beer and a cozy atmosphere in Missoula and the surrounding area.

There is a large outdoor area and patio by the creek where you can drink beer, eat artisan pizza and enjoy the Montana outdoors. They have a new event space under a large pavilion for all your outdoor event needs.

Walk into Conflux Brewing Co and you’ll immediately feel welcomed, relaxed and in a good mood. This bar and brewery in Missoula is Conflux’s attempt to revive and embody the quality, creativity and warmth that historic pubs bring to their communities. In our humble opinion, mission accomplished.

Their philosophy? “Make great beer. Enjoy it; pass the time do good and give back to your community.’ It’s that simple.

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The extensive draft list includes their Beach Blonde, Guns N’ Goose, Kessel Run Milkshake IPA and Drum Kick Java Stout. All of their beers match their southern food menu, including fried brussels sprouts, fried chicken and meatloaf.

Enjoy a beer or two at the bar, dining room or outdoor patio overlooking downtown Missoula.

Located in downtown Missoula, Tamarack Brewing isn’t just a food court. With a large and tasty menu, you can choose the type of atmosphere you want to drink beer in.

They have a fun sports bar downstairs, but serve the same great food and beer on both levels. With the original brewery and location in Lakeside, Montana, we visited both locations and enjoyed dining at both.

Best Things To Do In Missoula, Montana

Imagine Nation Brewing is the nation’s first brewery and center for community change. What exactly is this? Imagine Nation addresses contemporary issues through craft beer and education and strives to create social change in Missoula and beyond.

Since we were visiting, we were limited to a few canned beers, but the two on their patio (Liminal Space All Mosaic NEIPA and Saideira Brazilian Lager) were really good and refreshing! If you’re in the mood for beer for whatever reason, Imagine Nation should be a top stop when visiting breweries in Missoula!

Although we enjoyed our beer flights indoors, Montana is known for its beautiful and world-class outdoor experiences. Kettlehouse Brewing strives to match the quality of their beer with the quality of Montana beer…a very high bar to set, but we think they did it!

You may find that Montana state law limits topical use to 48 ounces. Beer per person per day.

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Kettlehouse (along with several other breweries in Missoula) lobbied the Montana State Legislature in 1999 to legalize the consumption of beer at home and became the first Montana brewery to charge by the pint. In their bathroom.

Today, they brew some seriously delicious beers like Cold Smoke Scotch Ale and Sour in the Streets. We loved their stuff so much that we picked up a vanilla cold smoke and some of their bottled sours to enjoy outside in beautiful Montana.

Located on Missoula’s South Side, Great Burn Brewing focuses on small craft beers. Their excellent beers are full-bodied and forward, with an emphasis on West Coast styles.

Their name, Great Burn, is in honor of the owners’ fallen brother, a firefighter who worked in the Great Burn Wilderness, whose career became the Lolo Hotshot and Heli-Rapier. After watching the fires in Montana for so long, we had a great appreciation for the people.

Best Things To Do In Missoula, Montana

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