Best Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgeon In Usa

Best Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgeon In Usa – Brazilian butt lift Lipo 360 Surgery 360 offers the Lipo Brazilian Butt BBL procedure to clients near Mansfield, Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center Thornton 360 Lipo Brazilian Butt Lift – Safely enhances the butt via BBL or fat grafting. We are pleased to offer Brazilian butt lift and buttock augmentation for clients throughout Texas and the DFW Metroplex including: Mansfield, Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Kennedale, Grand Prairie, Burleson, Corsicana, Ennis, Midlothian, Red Oak, Waxahachie, Dunn We will do it. . , DeSoto, Frisco and Plano.

Best Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgeon In Usa

The doctor. Michael L. Thornton, a dual board certified cosmetic surgeon and diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, has extensive surgical experience in liposuction, body contouring and fat transfer. By combining these three surgical techniques, Dr. Thornton safely improves the butt using an advanced two-in-one surgical procedure called the 360 ​​Lipo Brazilian Butt Lift – BBL.

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The Brazilian butt lift procedure requires three distinct steps: 1) Your fat is removed from your abdomen, flanks, and back using micro-air liposuction (PAL), making your waistline tighter. Dissemination 2) The collected live fat cells are filtered and processed. Eliminate excess fluid and waste 3) Accumulated fat cells eventually transfer to your buttocks, thereby increasing the bulge and fullness of the buttocks.

Your buttock transfer of fat cells is artificially placed in the superficial layers of soft tissue and fat that lies above your gluteal muscle. This two-in-one procedure – 360 liposuction plus fat transfer – results in rounder, fuller, firmer hips with a narrower waist, so your waist-to-hip ratio becomes more feminine.

“360 Lipo Booty Sculpt” is a special procedure that Dr. Thornton specializes in patients requiring 360 full body liposuction and contouring without fat transfer. Usually, fat grafting is not necessary in patients who have well-muscled and well-shaped hips. So, when Dr. Thornton performs the “360 Lipo Butt Sculpt” procedure, in which subtle and artful liposuction is performed on the abdomen, back, back, upper buttocks and presacral area to enhance and accentuate the natural anatomy of the buttocks. Fat is not applied or transplanted in the nasal area. The end result is a chiseled waist, sides, and stomach that give you more curvaceous proportions.

The purpose of the Brazilian butt lift method is to create a better waist-to-hip ratio. According to many studies, the ideal waist-to-hip ratio for an attractive woman is around 0.7 (70%-72%). Therefore, board-certified plastic surgeons who understand these proportions and anatomical factors to identify important anatomical landmarks of the female duck can restore a more youthful and attractive female face to their clients.

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“The archetypal term ‘hourglass’, which refers to the ideal female body shape based on the figure or measurements (36-24-36), conjures up images of a young, attractive and attractive woman in our modern society. Body shape is based on important biological and hormonal factors. A widely used method that reliably measures the attractiveness of a woman’s figure is the waist-to-hip ratio (WHR). A typical range for the waist-to-hip ratio is Hips for healthy, attractive, premenopausal women are 0.67 to 0.80, with 0.7 being ideal.- Dr. Michael Thornton

Recently, there have been several reports of deaths associated with Brazilian butt lifts due to fat emboli (fat particles traveling to your lungs). Unfortunately, all of these deaths were due to improper surgical techniques and improper training of the surgeon in performing the fat transfer portion of the procedure. It is important to remember that your safety Dr. Very important to Michael Thornton!

First, Dr. Thornton only selects candidates who are healthy, can tolerate general anesthesia, and can tolerate the (lying down) position during the procedure. It is also important to choose people who are not obese and have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less, as obese patients are not ideal candidates for 360 fat grafting and buttock fat. Second, he performs and follows all safety protocols during the fat transfer portion of the procedure, using only special blunt (non-sharp) surgical instruments (blunt-tipped cannulas) to minimize puncturing of deep veins. Third, following strict safety protocols, Dr. Thornton injects the harvested fat only into the fat area of ​​your buttock, just above the gluteal muscle. Direct injection of fat into the gluteal muscle or deep pelvic bones is dangerous and can lead to serious complications and death from fat embolism. Finally, during the injection technique, the fat removed using PAL’s MicroAir system is placed in the fat area of ​​your buttock, which expands the tissue and minimizes complications and everything else. Allows fat to be evenly distributed. Provides more than level protection.

All these highly effective measures and safety measures minimize accidental puncture of blood vessels and reduce the risk of fat embolism. It is recommended that you look for a board-certified cosmetic or plastic surgeon who has performed a large number of Brazilian butt lift procedures and is familiar with the above precautions. the doctor. Michael Thornton is a dual board certified plastic surgeon and diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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For more information on safety in Brazilian butt lift surgery, Dr. can be found on Thornton’s blog page. Click on the link below to change the route. Safety in buttock lift surgery and buttock fat grafting in Brazil

Above image: Dr. Thornton’s main client shows both “before” and “immediately after” BBL surgery. Approximately 500 cc of fat was injected into each nostril. Small strips are placed on the operation site and the scar is hidden in the natural wrinkles of the body. Scaling and discoloration of the skin is common and common.

Above image: Dr. Thornton’s top client shows precise liposuction on the abdomen, flanks, back and top, and precise fat grafting to the buttocks using micro-air liposuction. The scar is hidden in the natural wrinkles of the body.

Above image: Dr. Thornton’s top client demonstrates precise liposuction on the abdomen, flanks, back and upper body, as well as precise fat grafting to the buttocks using micro-air liposuction. The scar is hidden in the natural wrinkles of the body.

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Pick them number 4! “360 Lipo Booty Sculpt” before and after (360 liposuction and Booty Sculpt only. No fat transfer)

Above image: Dr. Thornton’s top client showing precision liposuction on the abdomen, flanks, back and upper body using MicroAir Power-Liposuction. No fat grafting was performed. 360 Lipo Booty Sculpture

During the consultation, Dr. You will meet personally and exclusively with Michael Thornton, where you will jointly participate in the decision-making process regarding your personal needs, wants and expectations. Although we are qualified, we do not use patient coordinators, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants to consult with you. the doctor. Thornton will take a thorough medical history and perform a thorough examination to determine if you are a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift.

“The ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift is a boxy, flat-bottomed patient who is slightly overweight but not obese and has a BMI below 30. In addition, the patient should have plenty of abdominal fat. The flanks and waist area To accumulate enough fat, otherwise there won’t be enough fat to carry in the hip area.” – the doctor. Michael Thornton

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Due to the high popularity of BBL consultations and unexpected cancellations, our office charges a $50 ($50) consultation fee for a Brazilian butt lift procedure. Payment is made at the time of booking with our office staff. This fee is non-refundable and guarantees your spot on our calendar.

The answer is, no! the doctor. Michael Thornton does not perform “buttock injections” for safety reasons. Buttock injections of liquid silicone or other “black market” chemicals are considered illegal, unethical, reckless, and can cause serious injury or death. Be wary of untrained and/or non-surgeons demonstrating or marketing such incorrect techniques.

On average, Dr. A professional Thornton surgeon charges $7,000 to $9,000 for a Brazilian butt lift, which includes 360 liposuction of the upper abdomen, flanks, back folds, and presacral area. If you want to have additional liposuction done on inner or outer thighs, arms and breasts, the costs will increase. the doctor. Using highly specialized and state-of-the-art equipment including MicroAir Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL), VASER devices, specialized cutting canisters and liposuction handpieces, Thornton brings you optimal results that enhance recovery. Additional operating room/surgery center fees and general anesthesia fees will be given to you at the time of consultation.

After Brazilian butt lift surgery, you’ll spend several hours quietly recovering in the surgery center with board-certified nurses in the PACU. When you are sufficiently recovered, your carer will take you home or to your accommodation and it is very important that your adult carer stays with you for the first 24 hours after surgery to ensure your safety and provide support. . Our office offers

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