Best Black Barbers In Dallas

Best Black Barbers In Dallas – The tendency for men to shave and exercise daily was considered so remarkable that in 2004, D Magazine published a roundup of Dallas’ most “metrosexual” men. Being a “Metro,” meaning a man who cared about his looks, wasn’t an insult, but it wasn’t a compliment either. The times have changed. The well-groomed man is back, and this time no one is suppressing a laugh.

Today’s stylish Dallas man caps long evenings, perhaps under the bonnet of his revamped Land Rover Defender, with a spritz of Balcones Brimstone and a light coat of refreshing face salve. He keeps his inch beard professionally trimmed, attends stag parties at Brass Tacks, and books razors with his rookie investors in lieu of tee times.

Best Black Barbers In Dallas

But that’s exactly the point of Van Dyke. Dallas men’s grooming, meanwhile, reeks of campfires, bourbon flavor and mustache-twirling. Consider this your starter kit to rediscover the art of shaving.

Kutinfed [kut N Fed] Barbershop Is A Young, Hip, Appointments Barbershop

Expect your hairstylist to wear a laundered linen apron and a tattooed sleeve or two in these new wave barbershops that serve up local beer alongside great combs and beard trimmings. The third location will open this fall at the Adolphus Hotel. slices, $30; shave, $30. Open seven days a week. appointment scheduling online and by phone; Ride not guaranteed.

At the state-of-the-art biker slash barbershop, wait for one of the leather Chesterfields while the staff hand you a choice of Jameson or Tito’s in bullet-sized Dixie cups. The cutting is consistent and you can download the shop’s app to plan on the fly. slices, $30–60; shave, $35. Appointments online or via app/phone are welcome; Hikers welcome.

Their claim to fame is “Easy Talking” behind them (barbershop hygienists might call it a gimmick), but in the late weekend hours you can fuel up your lollipop and shotgun with a free Miller High Life before trying to bounce the punk Society to come by. slices, $30; shave, $35. Appointments online or by phone; Ride not guaranteed.

Owner Milton Campos sees more of a relaxed, natural style these days, but younger men are demanding a mixed-up cut (for a squeaky-clean look) or a freestyle fade (for an edgy-cool look), while kicking back in one of the store’s quintets of simulated hairdressers. chairs. “I want them to feel like they’re in a sports car,” says Campos, a former DJ who plays everything from blues to Latin beats at his Oak Cliff store. slices, $30–40; shave, $30. By appointment only, online or via the Urban Soul app.

How Your Hairdresser Could Save Your Life

In the privacy of a saloon studio in Oak Lawn, Brandon Rogers offers his customers imported beer and their choice of what’s playing on the flat screen (Snoop Dogg music videos?

?) before tackling everything from fades to tapers to faux-hawks. Expect to sit for at least 30 minutes and learn exactly how to care for your hair type. slices, $25-30; shave, $25. By appointment only, by phone, SMS, email or online.

Walk past the mall and you’ll find a clean, modern store where 2 Chainz play about the buzz of electric razors. The seven chairs in the shop are usually full for a reason: the pros here treat afro-textured hair with precision. slices, $25-50; shave, $20. Dating mainly online; Ride not guaranteed.

Villarreal is a third generation hairdresser steeped in rockabilly culture. For 23 years, Villarreal has been stripping men of bygone styles in its Expo Park store. It brings with it a few idiosyncrasies: Villarreal insists on running a men’s only shop, but mothers, girlfriends and wives find a cozy place in the mezcaleria next door. Slices, $30-$50. Dates only.

Barbershops Lend A Hand To Trim High Bp Among Black Men

Need something with a little more regularity? A massage and shoe shine to match your cut? The following salons offer monthly memberships that offer all of this and more.

With the exception of the leather armchairs and the felt pool table, every surface is made of fine oak. And at least at the Inwood location, you’ll be greeted by gorgeous receptionists who could pass for a Kardashian sister. Beer is served before the hot towel service begins. slices, $43-$60. Unlimited haircuts with the works — think hot towels — plus hand massages and paraffin baths, six manis, six facials, and six massages for $1,600 a year. Appointments online or by phone; Ride not guaranteed.

As soon as your foot crosses the threshold, you will be offered a cocktail; The staff here are as courteous and professional as can be. The indulgence takes place in a living room that looks like a luxurious fisherman’s cottage (think: wooden beams, iron chandeliers, and a stacked stone fireplace). Slices, $45–$75. For $2,100 a year, you get weekly cuts with the works, plus hand massages and paraffin baths, discounts on merchandise and special offers, and monthly shoeshine. Appointments online or by phone; Ride not guaranteed.

It’s usually $5 and a dime when it comes to getting a good barbershop haircut. However, Deep Ellum’s Blade Craft Barber Academy is on another level. Located just a few doors down from High & Tight (a proximity that has caused more than a little confusion), the school is steeped in everyday masculinity: reclaimed wood tones, concrete countertops, and Ray LaMontagne-esque tones. Students always work under the supervision of master instructors and all participate in at least 300 classes involving the art of traditional hot towel moisturizing (an in-depth treatment takes at least 40 minutes). Book a private suite at no extra cost and you can wax your entire face (they also do ear and nose waxes) while on a conference call. Beard trimming, shaving and trimming, $30. making an appointment by phone or email; Hikers welcome.

Pixar’s Soul: Co Director Kemp Powers On The Studio’s First Black Lead, The Barbershop Scene, And Depicting New York City

Opened in 1938, Lovers Lane Barber Shop isn’t technically the oldest barber shop in town, but it certainly behaves as one. TV Land plays on two flat screens, and especially on Saturdays, when dads pull up kids in pajamas in red wagons, the scene is “just like Mayberry,” says hairstylist Ivan Havins. Havins, the store’s favorite hairstylist, doesn’t take cards or appointments, though he’s known for making house calls to ailing customers and making appointments for those who fly in on private jets for regular cuts. Men brave enough to visit the nail salon in the back will know all the gossip the Park Cities has to offer. slices, $20; shave, $30. Some hairdressers accept appointments and cards.

Even before Ray Vasquez opens his little shop on Saturday morning, the Uptown brothers and Oak Lawn’s ready-made men are sitting idle in cars waiting to get a red vinyl seat for a 15-minute cut. slices, $25-28; shave, $40. Orders are taken by phone on Thursdays; go in every day.

A great place to hang out and share dad jokes. Make sure you bring cash and you can bring your child too; Playground is in the front window. slices, $20-23; shave, $23. Check-ins and Appointments.

The interior is cheap, but don’t be surprised to find a shiny Cadillac up front. Generations of Perots, Murchisons and other local tycoons have enjoyed the simplicity of this store for decades. slices, $25-50; shave, $35. Check-ins and Appointments.

Why Barbershops May Be Key To Improving Black Men’s Health

It may be in a new mall, but it’s full of old-school charm (a row of wooden arena seats serves as the waiting area) and has a solid reputation for classic tailoring, fine tailoring, and good conversation. slices, $25; shave, $30. appointment preferred; Entries accepted.

Recently bought by two ambitious barbers who left Deep Ellum’s High & Tight to go into business for themselves (hence the name Sovereign), the shop caters to lunchtimers and inner-city dwellers. slices, $25; shave, $25. Appointment recommendation via internet and telephone; Hikers welcome.

A YouTube tutorial hosted by Brandon White’s Brass Tacks and produced by local beard oil brand Beard Supply has been viewed approximately 850,000 times.

Step 1 Think about the shape you want – round, pointed or square – and make sure your beard is clean and dry. Also, don’t compromise when you’re arguing with your girlfriend.

Godz Barber Barbershop

Step 2 You will need scissors, an edger, a hand mirror, and a wide-toothed comb. You shouldn’t use a fine comb because it will pull the hair out of your beard.

Step 3 Comb the beard completely to reveal all the different hair lengths. You just want to cut those long pieces; You never want to cut most of your beard.

Step 4 Section off the hair above your Adam’s apple that is longer than the hair on your chin. That’s what’s called a “neck beard,” which you don’t want.

Step 5 To trim the cheek area, you want an even blend. Focus on drawing straight lines from the edge of the mustache to the base of the sideburns.

Dallas Uptown Men’s Haircuts & Upscale Barbershop

We asked Allen Schafer, co-owner of Fulton & Roark in Dallas, to share the best local brands every well-groomed man should have in his medicine cabinet.

Rick King, who is Rick King at the Lodge Barbershop, is so skilled with a razor that regulars travel from Dallas to Flower Mound every week for facials. King breaks his shaving routine.

It’s a man’s man’s world: If a

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