Best Beer Spa In Prague

Best Beer Spa In Prague – As the birthplace of pilsner, it’s no surprise that beer is such an important part of Czech culture. The Czech Republic drinks more beer per capita than any other country in the world, a badge of honor that its citizens wear with pride. If you visit Prague, you will know that beer is cheaper than water

In addition to passing the monastery breweries, beautiful wineries, and underground bars on the Prague beer bucket list, there are other attractions that you may want to consider. A relaxing day at Beer Spa in Prague

Best Beer Spa In Prague

If spending hours sipping traditional pilsners sounds like heaven, you’re not alone. Thousands of tourists flock to the Czech Republic to drink beer and swim. But despite what it looks like, beer therapy doesn’t involve plunging yourself into a bowl of puree.

Best Beer Spa Prague

Beer ingredients such as yeast and yeast are added to a container filled with hot water. These ingredients provide a variety of health and relaxation benefits such as detoxification, hydration and improved circulation. The average treatment lasts between half an hour and an hour, and the best part – you can drink as much beer as you want during the spa session. Some beer pools may include other benefits such as massage therapy, saunas, or light fare to refresh you while you drink and get wet. Most spas offer free rental lockers to store your robes, slippers and clothes

To ensure you get all the benefits, it is recommended not to shower for a few hours after your treatment You can wear as much or as little as you want – the rooms are private Some prefer to wear swimwear (may you want to wash well afterwards).

If you want to drink cheap beer, there are a million and one places in Prague. We also have a dedicated guide to our favorite beer places in the city. beer in Prague and leave the beer places to others.

But if you want to spend a romantic day with your loved ones, get a much-needed break with friends, or have a beer experience like never before, check out our beer list in Prague and the Czech Republic. .

Cool Facts That Will Make You Want To Visit Prague

Grand Relax Spa is one of the most luxurious wellness centers in Prague Although they offer a variety of European and Asian massage packages, beauty treatments and saunas, the most popular attraction is the in-house Czech liver room.

Czech Beer Spa is a unique beer therapy This unique ancient therapy uses hops, yeast and other natural ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind experience with many health benefits. The Czech Beer Experience includes unlimited drinks from their very own Czech Beer.

In addition, you can enjoy beer oil massage, and they offer vegetable sauce and other small price to eat while enjoying your spa experience.

Founded in 1991, Bernard is owned by a famous family from the Czech Republic. If you enjoy their signature bitter, unpasteurized lager, you’ll be happy to know you can brew it too. Beer Spa Bernard Prague has three locations in Prague 1 and one in Prague 2

The Beer Spa Experience In Prague

Each individual room is equipped for one or two people, depending on the number of people at your party. In addition to yeast, ingredients such as beer juice, malt, hops and yeast are also added to the hot water. Each tank has a self-serve tap, so you can fill a pint glass with Bernard’s 10° Light Lager (unlimited refills until the session ends). There is a room next door with beds and warm blankets to relax in after your swim

Being the most famous place for beer in Prague, we recommend that you book your session at least a month in advance. Post-massage treatments are available at an additional cost

The famous beer bar has two locations in the heart of Prague A waiter will escort you to a private brick room, where you will find a thousand liter Royal Oak beer. Hops, malt, brewers yeast and other natural ingredients are added to the water

Like all beer bars, you can refill your pint glass as often as you like. The original Beer Spa offers Czech Krusovitz beer light or dark on tap and house beer bread. One corner room has a fireplace and a wheat straw bed where you can relax after a shower and give your skin a chance to soak up all the juices.

Chasing Castles And Breweries In The Czech Republic On The South Bohemia Beer Trail

The only beer in Pilsen belongs to the Burgmeister microbrewery (and the oldest brewery in Bohemia). The bath contains pilsner extracts and other ingredients designed to soften and heal the skin. There’s also a tap next to the shower, you guessed it – pour as much Bergmeister beer as you can stomach at 12°. The spa experience also includes a heavenly beer oil massage

You can also add a variety of treatments Try the 30-minute Beer Rooster Body Wrap The extracts are used to remove dead skin cells and nourish your skin They also offer a variety of bath treatments including Ginger, radish, lavender or chocolate.

Beer Spa Olomouc is located in Olomouc, a charming city in the Moravia region of the Czech Republic. Olomouc is largely untouched by tourists, which is a shame The city offers visitors beautiful architecture, delicious Czech cuisine, and local beer to sip and soak up.

Beer Spa Olomouc consists of a wooden bath filled with a mixture of water and dark beer. You have up to 40 minutes to soak in the hot water and win two prizes of beer 10° vasec. After the shower, relax in the salt sauna and step onto the natural stone floor.The whole treatment lasts about 2 hours, which really gives you more bang for your buck.

Combining The Endless Benefits Of Beer And Spa

Karlovy Vary is actually known as the Sports City of Bohemia. You will find many wellness hotels, full service spas, hot springs and beautiful architecture. But if beer is the only thing on your mind, you will find it in this city. The famous riverside bar also adds a beer pool to its list of attractions.

First Karlovy Vary Beer Spa is owned by the same company as the original Beer Spa So you get the same features as the Royal Oak Whirlpool tub and unlimited light or dark Czech Krusovitz® beer. You will have time to relax by the fireplace on the wheatgrass bed

So here are our picks for the best beer in Prague and the Czech Republic. Really, is there anything better than drinking a beer while showering with beer? If you’re looking for other amazing things to do while you’re in this beautiful country, check out our list of Prague day trips Happy traveling as always, and we’ll see you on the road!

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Prague Beer Spa: What It’s Really Like Soaking In A Bath Tub Full Of Beer

It’s no secret that our backpacking budget in Europe has been badly damaged by our back-to-back spa days. Don’t believe us? You can find our authentic European bag and admire our cheese/wine/spa trends. We have also prepared a post for our top European sports

However, this is one thing we’ve told every European Grandma, Twitter guy, bus driver, foreigner – you name it. We’ve tried to tell the world about the Prague Beer Spa, but we felt The best way to blog. Then you’re in luck, here are all the details

Do we think we’re kidding that Prague is the beer capital of the world? In 2013, the average Czech drank 147 liters of beer, about 40 liters more than in other countries. The average American drinks 76 liters a year, while the average UK resident drinks 67 liters – needless to say Scotland can’t measure up, or we can believe the truth. We mean beer

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