Best Beaches In Vieques Puerto Rico

Best Beaches In Vieques Puerto Rico – Vieques offers beaches for everyone. In fact, you can choose from 40 beaches on this 21-kilometer island east of mainland Puerto Rico to suit every mood, from solitary to social. As a training ground for the US Army, the island has completely transformed from a protected wildlife haven to a quaint and increasingly cosmopolitan getaway. Wild horses and roosters roam freely here with holiday experts.

Follow the crowd to Sun Bay, one of Vieques’ three public beaches. Half-moon sands lined with palm trees offer a fun day at the beach for families, including parking, bathrooms and showers, and the Arenemar Cafe, which offers fish tacos and cold drinks on the beach. We have all the necessary tools. . towel The less populated left side is a great place to set up a hammock. Sun Bay is the gateway to shallow Media Luna Beach and popular surfer Navio Beach.

Best Beaches In Vieques Puerto Rico

The US Army gave Vieques beach its color and the Spanish name for this beach is La Tiba. Drive along the gravel roads of the National Wildlife Refuge and enter one of the 21 numbered posts to enjoy a small beach. The hottest spot is number 10, which overlooks a lush green cove with shallow, clear water. But really, every place in Blue Beach is exceptional. Large numbered areas have shaded alcoves and grills.

Vieques And Culebra

Starfish, rays, sea turtles and the occasional manatee hang out in Vieques, a former Route 200 ferry port near 300-year-old ceiba trees at the end of a mile-long abandoned pier. Black Beard Sports organizes snorkeling and diving trips here, and casual snorkelers can swim off the nearby rocky shores to see schools of tropical fish. If you’re a regular fisherman, join the locals as they let their fishing lines dangle on the pier while chatting over a cold beer.

A trip to Vieques’ magical Mosquito Bay, also known as Bioluminescent Bay, is not complete. What makes the bay bioluminescent? A microscopic organism called Pyrodinium Bahamens that emits a phosphorescent blue glow when stirred. Almost invisible to the naked eye without its glow, it dominates the bay, making it one of the brightest in the world. Island Adventures organizes informative tours on motorized pontoon boats. Your guide will give you a full view of the mangroves, from the truly spectacular constellation show in the sky to the dazzling underwater light. Check your lunar calendar and go when the sky is darkest.

Located in the Isabel Segunda district of Vieques’ largest city, Bravo Beach Hotel offers a surreal view of the North Atlantic coast, where the blue sky and seas seem to blend. Modern Spanish farmhouse rooms have private balconies with views. Enjoy a light continental breakfast by the pool, enjoying the best views and the sound of the waves. Another relaxing pool is located in the garden courtyard. The hotel provides complimentary chairs and coolers for beach adventures. Walk into town to find great restaurants, beach bars and shops.

A trip to Hicks Island House takes you beneath dense trees and hanging ivy, concrete structures that rise organically from the lush landscape. I almost stumbled upon this lodge on a tree-covered hillside, and that’s exactly what famous architect John Hicks wanted. Thanks to the large windows and outdoor showers, the rooms have a romantic atmosphere. Solar panels provide electricity, hot water and power pumps that clean the trees and magnificent pools with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. Let your yoga pants look out over the green grass for your morning class. Namaste

Sun Bay Beach

All the cool kids go to El Block, Esperanza’s main neighborhood. Who wouldn’t want to sit in a stylish and sustainable bar and see a combination of Pepper Gin, ginger and gin created by their talented staff? . Together they taste creative and diverse menus of local and urban products, as well as an artistic LEED-certified restaurant that recycles rain and acts as natural water in the restaurant. I made a place where I want to sleep in space. bar In addition, the rooftop offers a 360-degree view of Vieques, showing the best of Sunbay and Esperanza.

Finding a bed at Hector’s by the Sea in Vieques can be difficult. The lodge only has 3 cabins that can accommodate a total of 10 people, but it’s worth the effort. Its prime location on a beautiful lawn overlooking the sandy Caribbean Sea is, in a word, stunning. It’s also comfortable, mostly thanks to our hosts Hector and Mary Matos, not to mention the small stables on site. Finally, it is 1.6 km from the Malecon Esperanza strip of restaurants and bars. If you’re lucky enough not to be staying here, look for Aguacate dinners, which are served there several days a week.

Mofongo is the only one from Puerto Rico. Made with green plantains, yucca and garlic, this dish is a staple of island cuisine and is often topped with pork, beef or seafood. El Quenepo’s version replaces the crispy golden bowls with lobster and squash topped with red chunky sauce with seafood Creole lobster and poached shrimp. It is beautifully prepared and presented and tastes divine. The Esperanza restaurant with its facade overlooking the sea also offers fresh and delicious ceviche. Reservations are required here.

Isabel Segunda’s colorful Caribbean cafe Mamasonga serves simple and delicious dishes such as delicious blackened fish with garlic mashed potatoes, coconut shrimp and crab cakes. Grab a bar or table near the street and order a fresh mango daiquiri as the sun sets in front of you. Instead of meeting a local fly, you might find an iguana living in the trees nearby. Bring cash to this casual establishment.

Vieques Vs. Culebra For Vacation

Restaurants push the culinary boundaries of this tiny island. Noche is no exception. The cozy restaurant and sushi bar offers inspired dishes such as sushi lasagna. It may raise eyebrows, but it’s topped with scallops, crab, lobster and cream cheese, with even more cheese to delight the taste buds. genius Drinks are also innovative, such as watermelon Manhattan and cucumber basil Rita. Despite being off the beaten path, this place fills up, so make a reservation.

Vieques is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the island’s artists. You can see their work, including that of the owner herself, at the Isabel Segunda Siddya Hutchinson Fine Art Gallery. Palm trees and paintings of island life share the clay masks and whimsical dolls of 80-year-old San Juan artist Lily Valles. The gallery, which sells the work of a collective of artists specializing in Third World fair trade issues, offers unique items from scarves and bags to outstanding tapestries.

Pack and grab an effortless maxi dress and sun hat for your Vieques vacation with the Isabel Segunda Funky Beehive. Or take home original trinkets like Mana Renkert’s translucent blue and green local sea crystal jewelry. There is also art, including a small wooden boat made from found materials by Sandra Mudd. The eclectic shop has a vintage feel, antique furniture, old typewriters and albums.

Take Via El Fuerte past the grand Plaza Isabel Segunda, past wild horses wagging their tails and you will be transported back to 1845 to the old fortress of the Count of Mirasol, restored in 1991. The site where the Puerto Ricans sought independence from Spain is now a gallery that displays Puerto Rican contemporary art and artifacts from the old island, with stunning views of Vieques. All parts of this mountain are camera-ready, but the pink coral-filled rock gate that opens to the Caribbean Sea is especially photo-worthy.

Things I Loved And Hated About Vieques

Looking for a place with no connection? Head to the charming island of Culebra, located 28 kilometers east of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is full of hidden beaches that offer great snorkeling and stunning ocean views, and few sunbathers will disturb your vacation.

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