Best Beaches In Gozo

Best Beaches In Gozo – With more than 155 kilometers of coastline, 300 days of sunshine a year, hot dry summers and warm autumns, Malta is a wonderful place for sun and sea. “Beach” here is a broad term, meaning everything from traditional bucket-and-space sandy beaches to rugged, rocky beaches that drop straight into deep blue waters perfect for proper snorkeling. Both are glorious, but it’s helpful to know what you’re getting. Malta has some of the clearest water and well-equipped beaches in the Mediterranean, as well as pristine coves.

You can find beach and swimming tips for each location.

Best Beaches In Gozo

Golden Bay, the aptly named wide sandy beach, has a pristine coral reef on one side and the modern five-star resorts of Radisson Blu Resort and Spa and Golden Sands on the other. There is plenty of space for beach sports, except on very crowded summer weekends. The crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean fall on a smooth but slightly steep beach, which allows for a proper swim close to the shore. It is perfect for sunny days (especially from mid-June to mid-September, which is common in Malta), but watch out for currents after bad weather. Flags and lifeguards ensure the safety of sensitive people during busy periods. Water sports and all kinds of activities make this an ideal place for a beach vacation.

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This blue flag red sand hidden gem is a hot spot for those in the know. It is only a bay from Golden Bay (with similar concerns after bad weather), but it is very different. Away from the street and modern architecture, a long staircase from the car park and bus stop keeps the (other) crowds at bay. Ghajn Tuffieha is protected and managed by an environmental NGO, but allows small shops to rent sunbeds and water sports equipment. A great place to relax and swim.

With 800 meters of soft yellow sand gently sloping into clear waters, it is one of Malta’s most famous beaches. Especially popular with families. Also known as Ghadira Bay, the bay has everything from cafes, bars, toilets, sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports from windsurfing to banana boats and is close to many tourist hotels. The main road runs behind the beach and is not as spectacular as the seafront, but it is easily reached by public transport. It is sandy and shallow, and the water warms well in the fall.

The “hammerhead” of northern Malta and the most beautiful beach along the Strait of Gozo, Paradise Bay has golden sand next to crystal blue waters, comfortable cafes and the charm of the small Maltese islands of Comino and Gozo. You can enjoy the scenic view. A little closer to the Gozo Ferry Terminal, but blessed with greenery. The beach is also convenient for resort hotels and is popular with locals on summer weekends.

Getting there: Bus to Paradisu or Arax – 41, 42, 222. The stop is about a 10-minute walk from the beach.

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This rocky Blue Flag ‘beach’ is in the heart of Malta’s main mass market resort. In the summer, the rocky shores here attract sunbathers, and there are many places to dive in the clear and deep water. Swimming is safe and popular in good weather. It is not ideal if the sea is rough, but never in the summer, this “beach” is home to the great National Aquarium of Malta and a long parade of shops, dogmas, fast food, pubs and restaurants. The Bugibba Water Park has fun fountains and fountains for children to play in, while the trendy Café del Mar becomes a beach club by day and a nightclub by night. Next to the Dolmen Hotel is a small artificial sand beach.

In the heart of Malta’s party capital, Paceville, this Blue Flag beach is the closest stretch of sand to the tourist town of St Julian’s. It is regularly filled with imported sand and kept clean and tidy by the InterContinental Hotel. One end is only for hotel guests. The rest is public and supported by bars, clubs and fast food, so it can be very crowded in the summer. A place to spend a day on the beach with a cocktail in hand.

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This rocky beach, which runs along the two-kilometer Sliema coastal promenade, is the center of life in Sliema in the summer. Sunbathers live near the flat pebbles and steps of the beach. Swimming here puts you straight into the deep blue waters, perfect for confident swimmers and snorkelers. For your safety, please steer clear of where the locals swim and don’t swim off the rocks in windy weather. There are many cafes, bars and restaurants along the beach, as well as many beach clubs and lidos. Once elegant and now lined with modern apartments and hotels, the promenade is the site of the summer Passeggiata, where Maltese couples and families cool off in the evening.

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Getting there: Ferry from Valletta, short bus across the Sliema peninsula, or bus to Tower Road in Sliema (several departures)

Located on the Delimara peninsula near Marsaxlokk, this semi-secret refuge has recently become a popular holiday spot. It is a sunny place, 5 minutes walk from the road (indicated) along a windy path of capers through small agricultural lands. Expect easy access (in calm weather) to the bay. The rocks are good enough for sunbathing, but some are sharp, so water shoes are useful. There are no facilities, so at least bring water.

This rocky swimming spot on the south coast is popular with locals and perfect for lunch and a swim if you’ve visited the Munaidra and Hagar Kim temples or Dingli Cliffs and “Clapham Junction”. The rocks here form a small sheltered lido perfect for cooling off in mild weather (if there are waves it is not safe to swim here). The concrete beach is less attractive, but the water is still perfect. As with the famous climbing routes, there are many restaurants overlooking the bay. As you lie on the beach, you can watch the tiny figures clambering over the shiny gray rocks.

Malta’s best swimming spot, the brilliant blue lagoon lies between the tiny island of Comino and the even smaller cave island of Cominoto, off Malta’s north coast. Most people take a day trip here by boat, but staying at Hotel Comino allows you to swim early and late in the lagoon when it’s less crowded. Swimming in perfectly clear water over white sand, over seaweed or at the entrance of a cave is amazing. In the summer, the small property is full of canned sardines and the shade is at a premium, so come prepared or have a boat where you can stay all day.

The Best Beaches To Visit In Malta

Getting there: The nearest Maltese outlet to the Blue Lagoon is Cirkewwa. Around €15 (£13) return, under 13s less than half price, children under 5 free. You can book online during peak hours, but you can also come. We also operate day cruises from Sliema, Mellieha and Gozo

The red sand of Ramla Bay rises from the white sand of Madonna, like a lighthouse, and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta. Located on the undulating island of Gozo (a 30-minute ferry ride from northern Malta and a 45-minute high-speed ferry ride from Valletta), the island is a stunning beach backed by sheltered cliffs and a few hidden restaurants. Starting from the platform of the Calypso Cave with a panorama of the bay from the top of the mountain, descending to the surface and diving into the clear blue waters (who can blame Odysseus for a 7-year stay here?!).

How to get there: From Gozo’s Mujar port, where both boats depart, take bus 322 to the beach in a few minutes’ walk. Buses are generally a little less frequent in Gozo than on the main island.

Please disable your ad blocker on the site so that you can continue to access quality content in the future. If you are planning a vacation in the Mediterranean, you can not go wrong with a long day at the beach. Visit Malta and Gozo. These two islands in the Maltese archipelago are known for having some of the cleanest, clearest and most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Best Beaches In Malta

Check out these 10 best beaches in Malta and Gozo.

Għajn Tuffieħa is one of the most famous beaches in Malta. offers an amazing panorama

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