Best Beach Resorts In Ontario

Best Beach Resorts In Ontario – Blue waters, poolside coves and sunny days await in these beautiful Ontario villas and cottages. Or on the beach, you can enjoy a little summer vacation without leaving home.

If you want endless sun and sand, go to one of these beautiful places, ranging from the most expensive to the cheapest.

Best Beach Resorts In Ontario

Why You Need To Go: This 10-bedroom home features a large deck overlooking the ocean, close to wineries, beaches, and more. Guests can spend their summer holidays relaxing in the sauna or taking a dip in the swimming pool.

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

Prices and accommodation are confirmed at the time of publication but are subject to change.

Why You Need To Go: Located on Lake Muskoka, this beautiful hotel features a private sandy beach, swimming pool, spa and infinity pool overlooking the views.

Why you should go: This year-round retreat is full of things to do. In summer, you can spend the day at the two beach areas, splashing around in the pool, exploring the trails and more.

Why You Need To Go: This charming new motel is located on the top floor and has rooms with great water views. Just a few steps from the sandy beach.

Port Elgin Ontario

Why You Need To Go: With a ’70s beach town vibe, this retro motel is perfect for beach days and pool ice cream.

Why You Need To Go: Near the beach, this retro boutique hotel features a steam room and Après snack bar. It is also close to other places like Scandinavian Spa and Lavender Farm.

Before you travel, please review our return travel guide to ensure your travel is informed, safe, informed and most importantly, respected. Ontario has many beautiful beaches. Most are located along the Great Lakes with beautiful waterfront views. As the summer sun begins to shine, calls for a trip to the lake attract Canadians from all over.

Canada’s vacation rental experts (that’s us!) round up the top 10 beaches in Ontario. These beaches are a fun and inexpensive way to spend family time outdoors in Ontario. If you’re looking for a fun summer getaway, check out these awesome Ontario beaches!

Beautiful, Relaxing Beach Hotels In Canada

Coburg Beach, located in Coburg on the shores of Lake Ontario, is Canada’s most popular beach. Favored by locals for its family-friendly atmosphere, Cobourg Beach is a great choice for those travelling with young children. Toronto is only an hour and a half away by car (or an hour by train), so it’s a great option for those looking for a weekend getaway on the beach near Toronto.

Apart from clear waters and soft sand, this beach has everything you need! Hungry beachgoers can stop by the restaurant for freshly prepared snacks delivered directly to the beach. As for playtime, kids will enjoy hours of entertainment. There is also a sand competition every year.

Big Bend’s namesake beach is a popular destination on Lake Huron. It is one of Ontario’s cleanest lakes and one of only 27 beaches in the country to be awarded Blue Flag status for its excellent water regulations.

Two of the most popular in Big Bend are Main Beach. So, if you want to go to a quiet private beach, South Beach should be your choice.

Aaa’s Newest Five Diamond Resorts

There are walking trails, ways to explore the area and shops and restaurants at the bottom of the valley.

The white sands of Sauble Beach are the crown jewel of Lake Huron. Here you will marvel at the beauty of the beach town of Schaubel. The Toronto Star agreed – not only have they named Sauble Beach one of the top ten beaches in Ontario, but in the world as well.

This relaxing getaway is family-friendly and offers lots of old-fashioned fun. Watch the sunset and enjoy live entertainment. Bring your golf clubs if you are staying for a few days, there are many courses in the area.

Port Stanley, Ontario is a beautiful town on Lake Erie proud of its beaches. Like Big Bend, Port Stanley Beach — or the port as it’s known locally — has been awarded Blue Flag status for cleanliness and water quality. Additionally, Port Stanley has a beach that is wheelchair and walker accessible.

Top Beaches To Visit This Summer In Ontario

The 185-meter sandy beach offers shore food, cleaning areas and a covered picnic area. Even lifeguards patrol the beach and make sure no one is swimming when the waves are too big. The sand at Port Stanley Beach is great for relaxing and there are very few crowds! If you want to spend time on Ontario’s warm water beaches, you should choose Port Stanley.

Do you want a small garden with a beach? Head to Collingwood for a beautiful and energizing day. Sunset Point is one of our favorite Ontario beach parks. It is cooled by the breeze from nearby Notawasaga Bay, perfect for hot summer days.

It’s a small beach, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. The adjacent deck is a sheltered area to relax after a game of volleyball on the beach court. The coastal path makes Sunset Point perfect for enjoying the water views. Go to the restaurant if you are hungry!

The Crystal Beach community of Lake Erie, Ontario is a beautiful town. The quality of the beach sand is like the Caribbean!

Cabo San Lucas Resort

Crystal Beach is one of the most amazing warm water beaches in Ontario! Here you can snorkel and watch the turtles living in the warm shallow waters, or relax on the beach and listen to live music. More to do at Crystal Beach – a slice of northern Ontario’s paradise offering spa treatments, relaxing yoga classes and more.

If you like nightlife by the sea, Crystal Beach is for you! Local restaurants and bars have their own charm.

Goderich is one of our favorite Lake Huron cities in Ontario! There are three beaches to visit here: Main Beach, St. Christopher and the new Rotary Bay Beach. Both are the best beaches in Ontario for family vacations.

On three beaches, the water is shallow and the waves are gentle, perfect for young swimmers and swimmers. Boat rides in and out of Goderidge Harbor on the main coast, and you must stay at the launch site when you need a snack.

Sandy Beach Lodge

In St. Little Christopher, when you need a break from the sun, you’ll find shade and cushions. Don’t be afraid to bring Fido – St. Christopher Beach is one of the most dog-friendly beaches in Ontario. If you want a local feel, try Rotary Cove Beach!

The city of Picton has the most unique beach in Ontario: Dunes Beach. Sandbanks Park in Prince Edward County – one of our favorite vacation spots near Toronto – is Ontario’s gem of public beaches.

Dune Coast is named for the large sand dunes that make up the largest beach structure in the world. Shallow water and gentle descents make this beach perfect for swimming, but be aware that there are no lifeguards on duty.

Take a day trip and take the time to fully explore the coast. Fish swimming in the lake, picnic area on the beach and children’s playground are great fun for the little ones!

Great Summer Savings!, Great Blue Resorts, Bracebridge, On

No list of the best beaches in Ontario would be complete without the famous Wasaga Beach. Every summer, thousands of tourists flock to this popular beach near Toronto to enjoy its white sand and friendly environment. The town of Wasaga is located at the lower end of Georgian Bay, and thanks to its shallow, warm waters, this beach is one of the best swimming beaches in Ontario.

Wasaga is known for hosting groups of young people and families who are ready to party and have fun. If you’re looking for a lively beach town to enjoy summer, Wasaga Beach is the place to be. This beach is said to be one of the longest freshwater beaches in the world, with 14 kilometers of white sand and crystal clear waters.

Wasaga is a family-friendly environment until the party people come out. Sandy bottom and no rocks on the beach, perfect for parents with young children. Other activities for the little ones include an ice cream parlour, mini golf and a water park.

If you want to walk, there are many provincial parks in the city with more than 100 kilometers of trails. Wasaga Provincial Park is a great choice for short trails and dog beach parks.

Jocko’s Beach Resort, A Beach Resort On Calabogie Lake

As one of Canada’s most popular beaches, Wasaga welcomes visitors year after year. If you’re planning a trip to Wasaga Beach, we recommend booking your stay at least 90 days in advance.

Another great place to find warm beaches in Ontario is Tobermory. Tobermory, also on Georgian Bay, has caves and sandy terrain perfect for explorers. In addition to hiking and great views, it’s also a popular spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. Tobermory is an amazing place to be on our Canada travel bucket list for 2019.

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