Best Beach In Sorrento Italy

Best Beach In Sorrento Italy – This post: In this post, I’ll explain how to get to Lonely’s Beach Club in Sorrento (where most beach clubs seem to be) how expensive it is, an overview of the menu, what it’s like, and some great recommendations!

Leonelli Beach Club has been in the family for three generations. He recommended us the amazing Mario from Milo Torres.

Best Beach In Sorrento Italy

Mario spent the previous day taking us around Campania and making sure we climbed Mount Vesuvius. We told him we would like to visit the spa the next day and he immediately said “You have to go to Lionel’s!”

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Mario is a great guide who can tailor trips for you, so check him out here.

Leonelli Beach Club is located at Via Marina Piccola, 55. 80067 Sorrento (NA) Italy. I used Apple Maps (error) to get there. Eventually we reached the top of the cliff from where you can overlook Leonelli and the other beach clubs. But how do you get there? …

There are a series of steps that will take you to Sorrento’s beach clubs. Attention is many stages. So when it comes to getting back to the top of the rock at the end of the day (especially if it’s still hot and you’ve had a little wine), there’s an elevator you can use. However, some changes are needed to manage the elevator! I think it was €1 ???… .. sorry. bad memory

Beach clubs in Sorrento have limited sand so many are built on cliffs/sea walks. Leonli is no exception, although it probably boasts the most sand of any beach club, if you want to sit there.

Getting From Naples To Sorrento, Italy: The Best Way In 2022

We were very lucky as Mario made sure to reserve some beds for us, so I would recommend you call and see if you can reserve your own beds as well.

Once you’re on it and looking out over the ocean or the stunning cliffs of Sorrento, it’s truly stunning. Sorrento boasts clear, warm water just a few steps from your boardwalk directly to the sea… it’s just beautiful.

Pleasant, no! Absolutely not, in my opinion! There is an additional charge for a sunbed and umbrella upon arrival. We visited off season so it was cheap, I think around 9 euros. I think it’s usually around €14 in high season, still a bargain in my opinion. You can also pay extra for renting towels. Sorry I can’t remember how many they were, gotta get better at writing stuff.

The food and drinks at Lionel were so reasonable. I was honestly shocked. For a beach club in Sorrento I expected much worse! Check out this little sample menu I made:

Heavenly Beaches In Sorrento

So cheap! Obviously there are more expensive options like steaks, other fish, etc. The food was good, not out of this world, but definitely good. You can eat in the restaurant or have food delivered to your bed.

Note: In Italy, pasta is usually listed as a “starter”, which might make you think it would be a small dish / antipasta… but it’s not! It’s a bowl full of pasta. Unbelievable. Lots of vegetarian options too.

If you are in Sorrento you should definitely visit Leonelli, it’s super affordable and a nice relaxing day out. We actually took an hour bus ride from Positano to go to this beach club and it was worth it for such a nice and relaxing day at Leonelli’s.

You should also pick up the phone with Mario because he is a magician and can really arrange everything for you! Even as a teenager I dreamed of an Italian summer and covered the walls of my room with magazine pages from Italian cliff towns. Sorrento is the starting point for most of the Amalfi Coast, but it should not be dismissed as a simple town to get to Positano. Here are some places for your Italian summer moments par excellence.

Where To Stay In Sorrento, Italy In 2022

When I travel, of course I want to see the places that fill my Instagram and/or Pinterest feeds, but I’m always looking for the experience a little more off the beaten path. Fortunately, I was able to experience the best of both worlds during my stay in Sorrento.

No. 1: The place in Sorrento that you have heard about and are probably already thinking about going to. Honestly, I still don’t know what this area is called. Just ask for umbrellas!

If you are looking for a place to comfortably relax all day, this is the place to be. Located under the Sorrento rock you will see columns with sunbeds and colorful umbrellas.

There are several restaurants and bars, each with its own space or chairs, umbrellas, changing rooms and all at different prices. I decided to get a sun lounger at the Lionel beach which costs only about 6 euros. I got there pretty early so I could pick a chair close to where you can get into the water. Obviously, the later you decide to arrive, the fewer options you will have. Leonelli also offers parasols, changing rooms and has a restaurant and cafeteria. I don’t know about the food policy, but they don’t have to be that strict because I’ve seen whole families sharing home-cooked meals, so if you plan ahead, you can probably avoid taking out and save money. Other than that, I don’t have much to share because I practically tanned, went in the water, ate and repeated for several hours until I felt that my skin was getting a color similar to Italian skin!

Leonelli’s Beach (sorrento)

Oh yeah, and they whistled at me (not the cat calling some sort of whistle), like a “get off the rocky cliff you’re climbing on to take a picture” kind of whistle. Luckily I had already shot and then I spoke to the man who whistled at me and told him I wasn’t going any further than the makeshift stairs leading up to the cliff and he let me take a few more shots! Oh, because the unique angles and perspectives of the photographed places are often basic!

#2: The place in Sorrento that you probably haven’t heard of was recommended by a local and the place you chose to visit over Capri. Name: Regina Giovanna Baths.

While eating pizza in town, the waiter at the restaurant recommended us to visit this place on the beach, Regina Giovanna Spas. It was a Saturday and we planned to visit Capri the next day, but after talking to him and hearing how busy and crowded it is, not only on Sundays, but in peak season, we decided to check this place out instead. I don’t really regret when I don’t see certain places because I always have a feeling that one day I will be back.

A little background before I continue: For this part of the trip I traveled with Veronica Windom, a travel blogger based in Norway. The fun part of traveling together is when we introduce ourselves, tell where we are from; “I’m from California, she’s from Norway”, everyone asked us how we knew each other, and we always answered with the same answer:

Best Things To Do In Sorrento, Italy

We met through this Facebook group, Girls Love Travel. Veronica is a travel blogger and when she was in Los Angeles she wrote to a group looking for a photographer, so we met in Los Angeles. Then we decided to go to Italy together.

Most people were surprised because we met through Facebook and not everyone understood the whole concept of blogging, but it was always fun because we knew what to expect when we started talking to new people. She is also the one to thank for taking my picture!

Veronica in Positano! You usually travel alone, but it’s always nice to have someone put sunscreen on your back and take a picture of you!

However, before I went to the Regina Giovanna Spa the next day I wanted to buy some snacks as I was pretty sure there wouldn’t be anything there. In Italy one of my favorites was Parma sandwiches with tomato and mozzarella and we found a shop that sells sandwiches and ordered it. I must have been in a cheeky mood because I asked the Italian if he could add pesto to my sandwich; Mainly because I know Italians don’t like to change their food and I wanted to see your reaction. He immediately said in his Italian accent, “No, there is no pesto. “Pesto is for pasta.” Okay, no pesto, apparently he hasn’t tried a pesto chicken sandwich! Even when my sandwich was ready, I joked, “Does it have pesto?”. He knew I was Laughing but still left saying “pesto is for pasta” and finished with other Italian mumbles, probably cursing me. So for the rest of the trip I would casually repeat “pesto” in my Italian accent

Best Beaches In Sorrento, Italy: The Local Guide 2022

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