Best Beach In Bimini

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Bimini is a new port in the Bahamas and a favorite of cruisers for its easy access to beaches and activities. However, there are a few tricks to get the most out of your money at Bimini.

Best Beach In Bimini

Your ship will dock at the pier and you can head straight to the port. It is a flat and spacious ghat with enough space for all the passengers.

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At the end of the pier you will come to a parking lot that serves as a pickup station for the Island Tram operated by Resorts World. The tram is free and takes you to most Resorts World properties and activities. You should plan to ride the tram.

You can walk downtown across the bridge for direct access to Kayak Beach, Fisherman’s Village, golf cart rentals and taxis, while trams stop at Kayak Beach and Fisherman’s Village. If you really don’t want to walk in the heat, take the tram to one of those stops if you want to get there.

Many people took that tour on foot, probably because the tram seemed to be only for commuters on shore excursions, but we confirmed with the staff that it’s free for everyone.

The first stop of the tram is Kayak Beach. The water here is not as good as the beaches, and there is no reason to land here unless you want to get to the beach as soon as possible. You can also get a taxi at this station. As the lack of people in the photo shows, there are great beaches to come!

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The second tram stop is Fisherman’s Village, where most of the shopping takes place. If you are looking to get some gifts from Bimini Cruise Port, this is the place to do it.

The third stop of the tram is Resorts World Bimini Beach. We booked a shore excursion on our cruise ship that was a day pass to the resort for $39. That price includes the welcome drink, but not the meal. Many people get off at this station because it is the same station where Beach 360 is.

Resorts World is amazing with crystal clear water and a resort style pool, dining and lounge. This is everything you could ask for for a day at the beach. Deck chairs and umbrellas are provided by the pool at no cost and since the resort is large, there was no problem finding open space.

If you are looking for access to the best beach and amenities, this is the place you can go.

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There was an option on our cruise to book the resort with lunch for an additional $25. When we got there we saw the menu and confirmed that the price was high. All meals were $15, so it was a $10 markup by the cruise ship at lunch. Skip the included meals and buy the things you need when you get there.

Resorts World Bimini Beach has two resort-style pools, one for adults and one for families. We did not find it crowded and there was a good place to sit.

Another option that might tempt you is the pool cabanas. These actually looked like over $399 we hadn’t seen any of the whole time.

A welcome drink is included in your cruise and you’ll need to pick it up upon arrival, but don’t get too excited about it. The voucher is not good for the drink you want at the bar.

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The best free option is Paradise Beach, located next to Resorts World Beach. Actually, at Resorts World Bimini Beach, we went to Paradise Beach on foot because there was less crowd.

Get off at Resorts World station to reach Paradise Beach. You have access to a free beautiful beach and food trucks, but no resort facilities. The main downfall of this beach is that there is nowhere to wash off the salt water once you get into the water, but excursions here are completely free.

Our cruises offer a cruise to Paradise Beach with snorkel for $75 per person. However, the beach and trams are free, so you’re basically renting a snorkel for $75!

It comes down to where you go in Bimini if ​​you want restrooms and a resort freshwater pool, and if you’re willing to pay $39 for it. If you want, go to Resorts World Bimini Beach, otherwise go to Paradise Beach for free.

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On the way back to the ship, the tram stops at Resorts World Casino (and again at Fisherman’s Village). Get off here if you want to play at the casino during your Bimini cruise port stop.

Rob is married to Allie and they have been traveling the world together for the past 2 years. With over 750,000 images published over the past 15 years, Rob is one of the most published photographers in the world. He enjoys doing landscape and astrophotography while on the road. Bimini, Bahamas, just 48 nautical miles from Miami Beach. One of the closest Bahamian islands to Florida, this is an excellent weekend getaway. Although that is less than 9 square miles, this tiny island packs a punch with unique island activities for your weekend in the Bahamas!

Bimini is actually divided into two islands, North and South, separated only by a channel through which boats can arrive. I’ve included activities for both islands so you can make the most of your vacation!

Located in South Bimini, Bimini Biological Field Station is one of the industry leaders in marine scientific research when it comes to sharks. Home to 20 researchers or trainees and modeled after a research vessel, the lab is smaller than you might expect. The lab offers guided tours that take you through the sharks, the lab, ongoing research, and even gives you the chance to touch a shark! As a heads-up, you do not enter the laboratory facility, the tour is held outside on the beach in front of the station. Tours run most days, times depend on the tide, and are donation based ($10 per person suggested), so be sure to check the website and reserve your spot!

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A bit of a history buff? The Bimini Museum will be your friend! Located in Ellis Town, North Bimini, it is close to most of the action. Although very small, the museum is a great way to learn about the small island and its history for early locals and its role in Prohibition-era USA. Just a little tip, the museum is self-guided, spend time reading the posters and admiring the photos!

Across the street from the Bimini Museum, Bimini Market is your go-to spot for island gift hunting! Many Caribbean islands have similar facilities, with individual stalls of ready-made goods for sale! Bimini Market is a small, pink, U-shaped building with stalls where locals sell their goods. Although we only bought one coin purse, they have everything from knick-knacks to clothes! Most brands like this are business-friendly and a great way to practice if you haven’t already! This is the best place on the island to find your little souvenir to take home!

Of course, you cannot visit the Bahamas without enjoying the beautiful waters there! Sapona is a ship a few kilometers from Bimini Island. The Sapona cruise ship is one of several ships in the Bahamas, the most recent wreck, and has such a rich history that bones and skeletons are now left to be buried in the water. Although we didn’t get a chance to snorkel him on this trip, I definitely wish we could when we go back! This is one of the best wrecks to snorkel in the Bahamas, and many snorkeling charters will take you to some of the other popular snorkeling spots!

If you are not staying on a boat, this is probably one of the places you should consider staying in Bimini. Even if you are not staying at the resort, the property offers several facilities to take advantage of. Restaurants, Shops, Casino, Marina and Real Estate are all available! There is also a newly built Hilton Resort on the property, which I hear is a great place to stay! We anchored outside Resort World and had a chance to hang out a few times!

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How about taking apart the bucket list item and getting a little adventurous?! Head to Neil Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center and sign up for one of their shark dives! There are many dives to choose from, but the two most recommended are Hammerhead Safari and Bull Shark Cage Dive! no scuba diving

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