Best Bbq In Northern Va

Best Bbq In Northern Va – FOOD Honest Grill, the newest Korean BBQ restaurant in Centerville, North Virginia, was born from three friends who were looking for a protein fix after a pandemic workout.

In the early days of the pandemic, Wang Bok Lee helped run his parent’s restaurant Chantilly’s Taste of Korea and the nearby Hu Seek dessert cafe. Suddenly everything went and there was nothing left to do, and now the 32-year-old began to lift weights almost every day in Annandale Wong’s yard with his friends Yoo Jung Wong and Sang Hyung Yi. (“We weren’t in the 1,000-pound club,” Lee says.) After training, the trio grills meat for protein. I thought about opening a Korean BBQ restaurant, and the idea began to gain momentum when I consulted a friends They tried different cuts, charcoal and cooking gas, and even aging. They ended up visiting dozens of Korean barbecue restaurants from Virginia to New York and Los Angeles.

Best Bbq In Northern Va

The result is Honest Grill, a Korean BBQ restaurant that just opened in the Center Building. It offers premium meat that is rare in the area. We source American Wagyu beef from Snake River Farms, Iberian pork from Spain, and premium beef and pork from other suppliers. But what sets them apart from their competitors is their in-house dry and wet aging rooms.

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“Recently, [yakiniku] is booming, and buffet-style all-you-can-eat is popular. Lee. “We want quality over quantity.”

Honest Grill does not offer endless proteins, but it offers a variety of “guides” or combos ($65 to $150 for $2) that include pork cheeks and collards, or New York Strip and beef kalbi can be sampled. A la carte options include pricey cuts like dry-aged ribeye (about $80 for 12 ounces) and beautifully marbled Iberico Cabecello (about $39 for 8 ounces), as well as less expensive skirt steaks and pork belly.

The owners take the same approach in Banchan. Instead of flooding the table with a variety of side dishes, they serve only green onion salad and three types of kimchi (white, radish, and mustard leaf—all Lee’s mother’s recipe).

“I don’t really like fish. I’m here to eat meat, but it’s fish that fills my stomach. We don’t eat fish, only as a garnish with meat.” separately.”

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We also have many Korean dishes such as kimchi chichu, bibimbap short ribs, and seafood green onion pancakes. Among the most unique offerings is a bowl of rice meant to be a mixture of sea urchin and seasoned mentaiko.

Honest Grill has a basic menu of Korean Soju and beer, but Lee was looking for a wine selection that would go well with dry-aged meats.

“We’re not aiming too high,” Lee said. “What we’re trying to achieve is that this is Korean BBQ and this is the norm.”

In July 2016, he was the food editor for the Washington City Paper and columnist for Young and Hungry. He is from Colorado and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. If you haven’t made your barbecue bucket list around Virginia yet, you’re in luck. Recommended for the best BBQ in Virginia. From best-kept secrets to award-winning spots you must try. Add some flavor to your next visit to Virginia by adding these 20+ barbecue destinations to your travel itinerary.

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Since 1992, Buz & Ned’s has been serving barbecue to loyal fans in the capital. After a steady rise in popularity, the restaurant became a national sensation when owner Baz Grosberg appeared in “Slowdown with Bobby Flay” (which won!), followed by “Man vs. Food.” won accolades. The menu includes barbecue pork, barbecue pulled chicken, beef brisket, smoked wings, and several types of ribs, all 100% hardwood smoked on site. With a variety of sides, appetizers, drinks and desserts, Buz and Ned’s has an impressive Southern-style menu that won’t leave you hungry.

Old City Barbecue uses traditional barbecue methods, such as a charcoal smoker, and uses only the highest quality pasture-raised, locally sourced and humanely certified meats. Favorites include prime brisket, pasture-fed chicken, Heritage Farms ribs and pork belly, all served with sides like mac n’ cheese, refried beans and cabbage, all with their own twist.

South Hill’s Risin’ Smoke BBQ uses hickory wood to infuse flavor into the barbecue and cooks all meats at low temperatures. Homemade ribs are coated with a thick coating before being smoked with pork shoulder, beef brisket, pork ribs, chicken, beef bologna, turkey and other meats. Grab your meat and add some sides, like our fan favorite macaroni and cheese, or onion rings to complete your meal. Try your BBQ with three homemade sauces: classic vinegar-based red sauce, Hungry Hill Farms sweet and honey sauce, and hot habanero sauce. If you can afford it, order the desserts that are all homemade by the mother-daughter duo. We recommend the cheesecake, which comes in a variety of flavors including cookies and cream, peanut butter chocolate chip, and cinnamon rolls.

Checkered pork barbecue is well known in the locals and barbecue enthusiasts all over the country. In addition to winning several prestigious awards for its ribs, barbecue, and sauce, this small-town barbecue joint has been featured on the Food Network and America’s Destination. Every day, we cook our meat on real hardwood, leaving your barbecue with lots of flavor and tenderness. Known for being affordable, fast, and delicious, Checker Pig is an ideal stop on your Southern Virginia road trip.

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The incredible flavors you’ll find at The Bone BBQ are not based on a secret recipe your family has used for five generations. Instead, the owner of this barbecue restaurant uses quality ingredients to make quality barbecue. From the fresh-sourced certified Angus beef brisket to the hickory logs used in the smoking process, each ingredient is carefully selected to reflect the restaurant’s high standards. You can’t go wrong with Bone BBQ’s barbecue, but their award-winning ribs are definitely worth a try.

Scott’s Addition-based ZZQ continues to garner accolades, including recognition as “Best Barbecue in Virginia” by Food & Wine and one of the 33 “Best Barbecue Joints in America” ​​by Thrillist. Garden & Gun recently featured this Texas-style barbecue joint in their “Guide to the Best New Southern BBQ Joints.” If you’re in the Richmond area and want to sample award-winning barbecue, be sure to visit ZZQ. Come early as the restaurant closes as soon as the smoked meats of the day are finished (and this happens almost every weekend!).

YummyPig BBQ offers a variety of meats including pork, chicken, brisket, ribs, ribs, bratwurst, chicken apple sausage and more. Add healthy homemade sauces like sweet bourbon, tequila mustard, four pepper vinegar, and chipotle sauce. Start with one of the delicious appetizers such as pork feather nachos. Crispy pan chips coated in a morning cheese sauce, smoked pork and chicken, salsa, kale, cabbage, lime avocado cream, and pico de gallo toppings, but a great barbecue experience.

Dine at Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ Company and try their succulent house-cured meats throughout Virginia. Brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken and wings, ribs, burnt ends, plus all sauces and sides made in house. If you envy your after-dinner smoking skills, you can sign up for Shawn’s BBQ School. This is a hands-on, full-day BBQ training that teaches you everything you need to know to become a BBQ Master.

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Pulled pork, beef brisket, Angus beef brisket in ‘Q’ sauce, and smoked turkey breast are all slow-smoked over oak and hickory seasoned wood at Poke-E-Joe in Lynchburg. how late They spend 12 to 16 hours cooking the meat on a low heat of 190 to 210 degrees. The spices used to season the meat become the crust that seals the inside of the meat, keeping it tender. The resulting meat is dense, smoky and flavorful.

Linden’s Apple House is a family-run barbecue restaurant that has been a staple in the community for over 50 years. Signature dishes like BBQ Pulled Pork, Half Pound Brie Burger, and Beef Brisket, and your choice of sides including 7 baked beans, cornbread salad, coleslaw, and house-made candied jalapenos. Top off your barbecue pile with a generous serving of our secret sauce, a slightly sweet, vinegar-based recipe that pairs perfectly with hickory smoked meats. After eating

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