Best Bbl Surgeons In The Us

Best Bbl Surgeons In The Us – Patients choose Dr. Rahal because they can tell they really care about them and their health. The 1 hour consultation with him is over. He listens carefully to the patient’s needs and concerns.

360 Lipo is liposuction in at least 8 areas of the entire body. It shapes the body to give it the shape of the hour.

Best Bbl Surgeons In The Us

It’s simple when you think about it. A large and shapely butt will always look better on a small waist and hourglass figure.

History Of The Brazilian Butt Lift (bbl)

Liposuction areas include: upper back, lower back, hip flexors, mons pubis, middle back, buttocks, stomach and anterior triangle.

The reason is Dr. Rahal always does 360 Lipo at BBL, it’s that simple. He believes it leads to a more beautiful and natural result.

How long will it take to heal? Three days of pain relief. A week without work. One month for full recovery.

Is there an age limit for this practice? No. Dr. Rahal performed this procedure on patients between 18 and 60 years of age. Dr Rahal’s oldest patient at BBL/360 at the time was 68 years old.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery In Tijuana, Mexico

How long do the results last? The results are strong. When done with the 360 ​​Lipo BBL, the buttocks retain 60% of the injected fat.

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