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Best Bbl Doctor In Chicago

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tahira Prendergast is proud to be part of the Mia Beauty team in Atlanta, GA. With a total of 10 years of surgical training and four years of successful practice, Dr. Prendergast has earned a reputation as one of the region’s most sought-after thoracic and thoracic surgeons. Growing up in a medical family with a father who was a prominent surgeon in Jamaica, Dr. Prendergast always had an interest in medicine. It wasn’t until emergency medical attention that she learned of the plastic surgery claim that the child had accidentally fallen out of a car and needed reconstructive surgery. Dr. Prendergast was given this difficult task, and he did it successfully. The Happiness of Dr. Prendergast’s Child; Seeing the confidence and youthfulness in her work, she knew what plastic surgery wanted.

Best Waiting Time Between Surgeries

Dr. Prendergast completed his Bachelor of Medicine-Bachelor of Surgery at the University of the West Indies. He then completed his general surgery at Howard University Hospital in Washington. then Charleston; He did his plastic surgery residency at South Carolina Hospital. Four years into practice, Dr. Prendergast says she has what appears to be a “beautiful body,” defined by perky breasts, flat abs and enviable curves. His most successful experience as a plastic surgeon has helped countless women finally get the body they want through breast augmentation procedures. A big part of what Dr. Prendergast loves about his job is seeing his patients go through the roof after their bodies are restored and rejuvenated.

Dr. Prendergast, a longtime family member, lives in Atlanta with his wife and children, where they are close to other family members. Excited to work in the GA area. As a plastic surgeon, his philosophy is that everyone deserves to be happy and confident in their own bodies. That’s why Dr. Prendergast was so excited to join the Mia Aesthetics team. Affordable clinical prices and high-quality personal care make plastic surgery a luxury that everyone can afford.

When it doesn’t work, Dr. Prendergast leaves; spending time with family; Or you can watch addictive medical dramas or reality shows. His friendly demeanor and genuine attitude are evident upon first meeting him, and he is happy to give his patients the confidence they deserve. Contact us to find out how you can book Dr. Prendergast for your dream procedure today. Truong has been named one of America’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons by the Consumer Research Council of America.

Chicago-area cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong is a cosmetic surgeon with an outstanding record of academic and professional accomplishments.

Brazilian Buttlift Doctor Had Questionable Credentials On Plastic Surgery Website

Dr. Truong is from Colorado; After graduating from high school in Denver, he was accepted to the University of Notre Dame on a full scholarship. He graduated from Notre Dame; Graduated with pre-med and double major in English. He received the prestigious Notre Dame Scholar Award, given only to the top fifteen percent of each class.

Dr. Truong returned to Denver, where he completed his medical studies at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. While there, Dr. Truong was encouraged by his professors to pursue a career in surgery.

After completing surgery at the University of Illinois at Chicago Metropolitan Group Hospitals. complex cancer surgery; vascular surgery; completed five years of general surgery training with extensive experience in trauma surgery and all areas of the human body, including minimally invasive. Surgery. Invasive Surgery His surgical training included a year dedicated to treating burns at Cook County Hospital’s Burn Center.

Dr. Truong at Illinois Masonic Medical Center; Lutheran General Hospital; Compassionate Medical Center and St. He served as a resident at Francis Hospital. Dr. Truong has won numerous awards during his surgical practice and has published research in medical journals on skin regeneration and artificial skin.

Surgery Recovery From Liposuction

After Dr. Truong completed his general surgery training, he continued his interest in cosmetic surgery by accepting a fellowship from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. During his training, Dr. Truong spent a year practicing art and cosmetic surgery. Her practice includes facial rejuvenation techniques; breast and body reconstructive surgery; Includes liposuction and body contouring, as well as minimal cosmetic surgery and laser surgery.

After working with AACS, Dr. Truong completed a three-year internship in cosmetic plastic surgery at Chicago Cosmetic Surgery in Illinois. There, he interned with Dr. Michael Bion, one of Chicago’s top plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Under Dr. Bion’s supervision, Dr. Truong rejuvenated the face; In addition to breast and body augmentation, she has developed her techniques in laser surgery and skin treatments.

Dr. Truong is from Illinois; He holds medical licenses in New York, Florida and Indiana. He has visited several hospitals where he has specialties in cosmetic surgery and general surgery.

Dr. Truong is board certified by the American Board of Surgery (ABMS). The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is an accredited board that rigorously evaluates training and experience in the science and practice of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Prendergast Plastic Surgeon

He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the American Academy of Plastic Surgery, and the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

From 2007 to 2014, Dr. Truong worked with Surgical Arts of Tampa Bay, performing thousands of cosmetic surgeries in the Tampa Bay area.

In 2014, Dr. Truong returned to Chicago to open Breast and Body Aesthetics, specializing in breast and body augmentation and rejuvenation.

Dr. Truong has been featured in several regional publications and received the American Consumer Research Council’s Patient Choice Award (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015); Top 10 Doctors – Metro Area and Doctor of Medicine Awards – Honorable Mention 5 years.

Meet The Staff

“My surgical approach to enhancing the human form is based on the concept of elegance. True beauty should never be forced, but natural. That’s why I always recommend that you get the best results from cosmetic surgery if it’s not treated like surgery. So I try to minimize footprints. We employ the latest techniques to preserve anatomy and adapt to each patient’s natural beauty.

I believe that learning and improving the art of surgery is a lifelong endeavor, and I believe in constantly improving my aging techniques as well as keeping up with the latest advances in cosmetic surgery. I do not believe that the same technique is best for every patient. Instead, we take the time to tailor each procedure to each patient’s anatomy and their ideal appearance. My main goal is to help you achieve natural beauty as much as possible, so I can be your doctor and surgeon for many years. We invite you to speak with our on-call staff today so we can answer your questions and help you confirm your personal consultation. “

If you’ve heard the terms plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery and thought they were the same thing, you’re not alone. A plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon perform the same procedures and are similar, so these terms are used interchangeably. But still. There is training between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon. Read more about the differences between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon in my blog post.ATLANTA | Austin | Baltimore Chicago | This | Houston Las Vegas | Miami Salt Lake City, New York, Tampa Bay

Atlanta | Austin | Baltimore Chicago | This | Houston Las Vegas | Miami Salt Lake City, New York, Tampa Bay

Dr. Raine Plastic Surgeon At Mia Aesthetics

Mia Aesthetics is proud to add board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Todd Sisto to its team of renowned physicians. After Dr. Sisto worked across the country, Maine; Located in Pennsylvania and Florida.

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