Best Bar Crawl In Vegas

Best Bar Crawl In Vegas – Whether it’s on TV or in your town, I’m sure you’ve seen this group of people swap bikes with a lot of people. We first saw them at Google Campus and were always intrigued by the experience. Sounds like a fun idea to interact with people and travel around town.

Vegas Pub Crawler is a fun twist on the traditional Pub Crawl. This is a 2-3 hour tour that will visit 4-6 of the best bars in Las Vegas, especially DTLV. You will start by meeting in front of Pisa Sela and depending on the size of your group, others may walk with you.

Best Bar Crawl In Vegas

Our first stop was Atomic Wines, the oldest free bar in Las Vegas. Did you know they are named after atomic bomb viewing parties in Las Vegas?

Season For Drinking At Holiday Pop Up Bars In Las Vegas

After spending 20-30 minutes there, we headed to Fremont Park for a very pleasant hour. This is one of our favorite places and you can read more about it in our collaboration post!

Next up is Golden Spike, another favorite local hangout. They have outdoor fire pits, huge lawn games and a cool atmosphere. We loved the vibe of the Vegas Pub Crawler and even though our final destination was Hogs & Heifers, we decided to spend the rest of the evening at the Golden Spike.

All places are quite close, but cycling makes the trip more interesting. Each tour is tailored to the bars you want to visit, so let us know where you want to stop.

Join over 400,000 readers! Sign up to access our library of travel photography tips, exclusive giveaways, and inspiration to be a local adventurer. Most people in Vegas drink. There is no shortage of things to do, especially in the city center. Fremont Street is full of watering holes. They’re all amazing, but here’s the cream of the crop. Fremont is easy and fun to explore, everything is within walking distance. And that’s good, you know, because all you want to do is drink. We recommend grabbing a friend or two for a drink and checking out these amazing places! Here is our list of the best bars on Fremont Street.

Cali Pub Crawl

This elite rooftop club lounge features elegant design and stunning views. You will be greeted by a tower of over 60 pounds of gold bars. The setting and music feel modern 20th century. 20th century They have their own unique old fashioned service to suit your taste. Sip cocktails in a luxurious interior that’s so large it stretches to the ceiling. Then sit by the fireplace on the sweeping balcony and take in the stunning view. This valley is the best place to watch the sunset. Come fully dressed, their dress code ensures that only the most attractive will attend.

Gold Spike is the biggest spike in the games. In and out of wall-to-wall games, there’s never a dull moment here. They have a great selection of games like beer pong, chess, 4-connect, soccer and goalie. They also have some really unique properties, like tiny houses for rent. There is another guest house next to this house. And you can book a nursery school featured on MTV’s The Real World. This place is a perfect mix of old Vegas and music and modernity. Definitely a favorite in downtown Las Vegas!

It’s a paradise for cats! Punishment is served. This is an amazing karaoke bar with great drinks, food and entertainment. The staff are amazing, from the security to the bar to the service staff, everything is amazing. MC’s will knock your socks off with their talent and charisma. In between Karaka songs, they perform or host shows where they can get free shots. There is a mix of different music and people. Everyone relax and have fun! This is one of the funniest bars in Vegas and a must visit.

It is one of the newest additions to the Fremont Street area. Wow, that came out loud! An epic LED disco pops up in the tent and illuminates the music. Oh boy, their music. They want to blast technology through mainstream house and their killer sound system that listeners love. If you want a good ear blast, this is the place for you. Discus goes back to comic book days in New York, Detroit and London. This special venue only holds 500 people, so come early and get ready to dance!

Fresno Halloweekend Hangover Bar Crawl

Velvet has a vintage feel, classic 70s design and style. The DJ booth is decorated with continuous sound system tracks, but the music of the day is played. Behind the bar you will find a foam LED wall that will amaze you. At the back, behind an unassuming door, you’ll find two wonderful surprises. One opens onto a custom-lit sitting room. The other opens into a room with a glowing wall and a magical LED table. They serve Moscow Mules with homemade ginger beer. Go for free bingo on Thursday!

Come to the pint party! Housed in the world’s largest pint glass, this classic Irish pub is perfect. Lively and fun, good food and drinks, good vibes. They have entertainment on weekends. It’s a great place to watch the game, the space has many TVs with a variety of games. There are special function rooms that can be booked for private parties. They have breakfast, burgers, a snack bar and more. A pearl on the Hennessy network, check it out!

Welcome to Las Vegas’ premier video game party, where cosmopolitan meets cocktail party. They have a lot of bad memories around them and it’s fun to find out what they have. They also have games. Video games, arcade games, bowls, pinball, board games, air hockey and more. They also have a huge deck that you can ride on. Yes, you heard that right. There are huge malls where you can drive. They decided, who wants to do the usual boring bull riding? This is Vegas, after all.

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 16:00-3:00 Monday 19:00-12:00 Tuesday-Friday 19:00-15:00

Las Vegas Bar Crawl

Go and reach the magical kingdom! The ceiling is a wonderful artistic explosion. When you arrive at a cocktail bar or dance floor, a ceiling of lights dances and plays above you. They offer an amazing selection of small batch backgrounds and rare zodiacs. Their impressive cocktails are topped with homemade salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips. Latin rhythms caress your ears all night and you won’t be dancing here. The walls are decorated with eye-catching creations left behind by people passing through Vegas. There is so much to enjoy!

A great way to visit these gems is to make a reservation at Fremont Street Bar. We’ll check you in and our great party hosts will escort you. We have a walking crawl where we hit a few spots in Fremont. There are also group tours that start by walking to various bars in Fremont and then take a party bus to the final destination. No matter which one you choose, you will enjoy it. It has great drink deals, cheerful staff and a great atmosphere. Let’s take the reins so you can kick back, relax and sleep soundly through the night! Refunds are made up to 30 days before the event, after which customers can receive a payment credit until they contact us. 72 hours before the start of the event.

All items are non-refundable and all sales are final. If you contact us at least 2 hours before the start of the event, we will be happy to schedule you for future scans (except major holidays).

The Fremont Street Bar Crawl gives you exclusive access to the best bars in Old Vegas. Enjoy drink specials, VIP Express, zero insurance and a party bus!

Fremont Street Bar Crawl (downtown Las Vegas) Promo Code

Before the party and game, meet your party hosts on the first floor. From there, your party host will take you to the best bars on Fremont Street. Upgrade your ticket and enjoy the Vegas Party Bus.

You can get a full refund up to 30 days before the event. If requested 72 hours before the event, the amount paid will be credited. If the organizer cancels the event, the full amount is returned. Learn more about Las Vegas dress codes here.

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