Best Area To Stay In Palermo

Best Area To Stay In Palermo – Located in the northern part of the island of Sicily, one of Italy’s most precious treasures, Palermo is a historic city that will delight you with its colors, flavors, strong culture and affordable prices!

Although a small city, with 650,000 people, it has 25 places (a lot!) so if you have never been there before, choosing the best place to stay in Palermo can be very difficult.

Best Area To Stay In Palermo

Each has its own atmosphere, attractions and accommodation for different budgets… There are places to avoid because of the crime rate, but that’s what I’m here to help you with!

One Day In Palermo

Now let’s stop talking and start reading: your holiday doesn’t wait for you, and the accommodation, so I suggest you book it as soon as possible, if you don’t want to lose your place! Are you ready?

If you need to make a quick decision and book your hotel right away, I’ve got you covered, check out this list of the best places to stay in central Palermo:

Here is a map that allows you to have a mental picture of all the places I will talk about in this article:

Welcome to the historic center of Palermo, Centro Storico, one of the most important areas of the city, where you will find all the main attractions, beautiful monuments and a colorful atmosphere, everything a first-time visitor is looking for!

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The neighborhood is perfect if you want to learn the history and culture of the city, from the amazing Fountain of Pretoria to the architectural wonders of Palermo, or

But there are many advantages that Borgo Vecchio offers you above all the delicious local Sicilian food. From arancini, which is a deep fried risotto, and balls filled with cheese (yes, you heard it right!), the Italian pizza “sfincione” pizza, the famous cannoli… I don’t even think about it!

Besides, Borgo Vecchio is also located in Palermo if you want to enjoy an amazing nightlife surrounded by locals with great clubs, bars and restaurants!

And if you want to be closer to Palermo airport, you can easily get there by bus or train, about 40 minutes! Well… what else can I say? This place has everything you need and more! So check out the top hotels and make sure you book them months in advance!

Palermo, Sicily: What To See And Do In Italy’s Most Sensual City

If you want to feel like Italian royalty, this bed and breakfast is definitely for you! Located in the heart of Palermo city and a short walk from Palermo’s attractions, it gives you access to everything you need. The air-conditioned rooms are nice and offer a hot tub, private balconies with street views where you can see the real Italian daily life!

This B&B is of the highest quality and is located between the old town and the new Palermo.

A beautiful apartment in the old town of Palermo: the perfect place for a couple, a family or a small group of friends!

Mondello, north of the Borgo Vecchio area, is a beautiful former fishing village and home to Palermo’s largest and most beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters.

Best Places To Visit In Sicily [+ Where To Stay]

Mondello Beach stretches 1.5 kilometers between two mountains, Monte del Gallo and Monte Pellegrino, another amazing natural wonder!

If you come to Palermo for sun and sand, swimming in the clear Sicilian waters and Italian restaurants and Seaview restaurants, this is the place…the water really reminds me of the beautiful waters of Sardinia!

In fact, it’s no secret that it’s one of everyone’s favorite places to go, especially in the warmer months! And as a noble place on the beach, Palermo Mondello has a calmer and more relaxed atmosphere than the city of Palermo… which makes it perfect!

Since it’s a bit far from the city center (10km to be exact), you’ll also find cheap hotels and Airbnb here, but you’ll need to rent a car if you want to get around too. ). to take public transport in Sicily… which is also an experience!).

Of The Best Things To Do In Palermo, Sicily

You’re sure to love this 4-star boutique hotel in Mondello Beach! Here you can try Italian flavors every morning with a delicious continental breakfast, relax in the infinity pool located in the garden, and relax in the hydromassage pool on the terrace. And if you have a car to travel to Mondello, the hotel has free private parking!

In this hotel you will find the best breakfast buffet in Mondello (if not all Italian) and the best price!

Looking for luxury at an affordable price? This house has it, and it is close to the beach of Mondello!

The largest Arab part of Sicily, called La Calsa, is south of Borgo Vecchio and near the port, and due to its integration with the area of ​​the Tribunal (that’s why people call it “I Tribunali”), it is the largest of all. a spacious area in Palermo.

Cheap City Break In Sicily For Only €106 P.p: Flights From Dublin To Palermo + 3 Night B&b Stay In 4* Hotel

This area is part of the old center of Palermo and will surprise you only with its original and beautiful facade, which is a mixture of culture and influences that you will see in churches, medieval buildings and antique shops.

20 years ago it was considered a dangerous place, now on the contrary, don’t be afraid to get lost in the charming streets… you will find something interesting at every corner!

Besides its incredible richness of history and culture, la Calsa also offers natural wonders, such as the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea or the giant Ficus Macrophylla that is more than 100 years old!

And you’ll love it even more, thanks to its incredibly cheap price… including accommodation prices: Calsa is the best place in Palermo if you’re looking to stay on a budget!

Where To Stay In Sicily

This is a beautiful luxury hotel in the Calsa area of ​​Palermo. Comfortable, elegant and beautiful, it definitely has its own personality! The large air-conditioned rooms have access to a terrace with views of the sea and the outdoor pool. Other benefits? The staff is very nice, helpful and pleasant!

Great budget place in the old town of Kalsa just a short walk from public transport and great bars!

Politeama Libert is a new part of the city center … you can think of it as the center of Palermo. The district is within walking distance to the best attractions in the Old Town and one of the safest and quietest areas, making it a great place to stay in the city of Palermo if you are coming with the family.

With few people, there is less chance of getting money here, which can be a big advantage if you are traveling with children!

Best Western Ai Cavalieri Hotel, Palermo

The area is also home to some of the best shopping in the city, with a wide range of shopping options from the most popular (and affordable) like Zara to high fashion brands like Prada.

You will find that Politeama is also one of the most upscale places in the city, with high-rise buildings, great bars and restaurants… so you can enjoy a night in Palermo without worrying about going home!

Like Borgo Vecchio, Politeama Libert is also a very convenient place if you want to stay near the airport, offering shared buses and taxis from the main square, Piazza Castelnuovo.

Looking for a luxury hotel in the new center of Palermo? Well, this is the most luxurious place to stay in the city of Palermo, with great fitness facilities and amazing staff! Your room offers beautiful traditional furnishings, access to a bar where you can enjoy the best alcoholic beverages and a delicious breakfast to start your morning!

Best Things To Do In Palermo

A great hotel to stay in Palermo that offers air-conditioned rooms with private balconies and a Nespresso coffee machine!

A nice, clean and tidy hotel close to the old town of Palermo and some of the best restaurants in town!

A quiet and comfortable apartment in the center of Palermo, in a central location near many bars!

If you are looking for a luxury option at an affordable location like the Grand Hotel Et Des Palmes, this is the right choice for a great getaway!

Mercure Palermo Center Hotel

Another great hotel if you want luxury in one of the most beautiful areas of the city of Palermo! Located on one of the most attractive streets in the historic center of Palermo, this luxury hotel has easy access to public transport that will take you directly to Mondello beach. Other great amenities are air-conditioned rooms, free WiFi and free parking!

Castellammare, literally ‘castle by the sea’, is a place with amazing seaside castles (which used to be the neighborhood beacon), a beautiful harbor and beautiful beaches where you can relax. Here you will find the old heart of Palermo with its white houses facing the sea.

In Castellammare, artisans and merchants from all over Italy have their homes since the twelfth century, so you can see beautiful architecture, such as Palazzo Mazzarino or Gravina Filangeri.

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