Best Apple Pie In Dallas

Best Apple Pie In Dallas – Welcome to Dallas, Texas, where we bring our food and delicious desserts. Texas is famous for its smoky barbecue and fried chicken, which are best when topped with a slice of delicious homemade pie. With so many delicious homemade pie options in this city, how do you know where to turn? Enter: our guide to the best pie in Dallas!

With so many new pie shops popping up around town among our favorite and tried-and-true spots, we took on the challenge of trying every last spot to compile our guide to the best pie in Dallas. It is a serious and absolutely delicious activity. And while there are plenty of great pies to be found in Dallas, we’ve selected the best of the best for our guide below. We hope you enjoy!

Best Apple Pie In Dallas

You either love it or you hate it: pecan pie. If you’re the former, there’s no better place to fulfill your pecan pie dreams than Texas. And BIRD Bakery’s pecan pie, sitting on a perfect beige crust in a sweet and gooey filling topped with a sugar frosting made with all their best pecans, is one of the tastiest options in town. It’s more nutty than sweet, so if you’re a pecan purist, you’ll enjoy this pie. Since this is a full-service restaurant and not strictly a pastry shop, the pie options are somewhat limited (five or six offerings at a time). But don’t let that put you off, because each cake is totally worth a visit. Pecan is a clear favorite. Or try the key lime, with its strong, tangy flavor, the rind dipped in syrup and lime juice and a soft layer of cream to sweeten it. How sweet!

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If you’re looking for a slice of traditional pie, look elsewhere. Emporium Pie is a fun little pie shop that’s a helpful addition to our guide to the best pies in Dallas. Each pie creation here adds a unique twist to traditional flavors, and the options are always as fun as they are delicious. With an ever-changing menu featuring new and seasonal offerings, you’re sure to find something you’ll like. A fan-favorite smoothie maker with the smoothest, sweetest, most chocolatey silky filling you can imagine balanced with a crunchy, salty pretzel crust. Emporium Pies currently has three locations: Art Bishops, McKinney and Deep Ellum.

With some of the best pies in Dallas and the benefit of multiple locations, it’s no wonder this place has every right to a spot in our guide. When asked about the most popular pie the first time we visited, the waiter rattled off option after option and we knew right away that this place was a winner. The coconut cake is creamy and thick and creamy, topped with a layer of fluffy, lightly toasted meringue. It’s perfectly sweet and coconutty. The apple pie was also amazing, with a flaky lattice crust, gooey caramel apples inside, and a generous sprinkle of cinnamon on top. It’s the perfect marriage between apple crisp and apple pie. YUM.

JudyPie is a small pie shop with tons of options, from traditional pumpkin and chocolate silk to creme brulee or honey bee (a pie made with whole crust honey and whipped cream). There is sure to be something for everyone and plenty of room to enjoy it. If we had to pick a favorite, we’d pick JuDP’s rhubarb pie. These little pieces of heaven are packed with flavor with just enough acidity to make your mouth water, all inside a light, peachy, golden crust of sugary goodness. It’s simply amazing. Eat some of the best pies in Dallas, then stroll down Grapevine’s beautiful Main Street for a perfect night out.

Any guide to the best pie in Dallas should definitely include a small-town pie shop, which you’ll find at Texas Harvest Pie Company. In an old house in a small town in Texas, Texas Harvest Pie Company is a hidden gem full of delicious homemade pies. We take a look at a no-picture bookstore complete with a quaint front porch and a glass arsenal full of cakes.

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The charm will knock your socks off. But we’re here for the cake. Fortunately, it will also knock your socks off. Here, you’ll serve up your all-time favorite flavors like apple, pumpkin, butterscotch, mixed berries, pecans, and chocolate. But the star of the show here is Lemon Chase. It has a wonderful, flaky crust, a cream/lemon yogurt filling, and a sweet, crunchy topping that makes it all easy and delicious together.

It’s like a lemon crust pie. And it’s just plain fun. After filling up on a slice of pie, stop next door for a sweet drink at Lisa’s Lemonade or browse one of the quaint little shops on the street.

A small, humble spot in a busy shopping center is where you’ll find the aptly named pie shop, Humble: Only Good Pies. With endless cake options and ample seating, this is a great place to meet a group of fellow cake lovers. Offering all the traditional flavors you know and love, as well as some fun new twists, there’s something here for everyone. We really like the store’s most popular flavor, Bayou Goo, which is made with a shiny golden crust, a layer of sweet cream with candied pecans, a layer of soft cream cheese and whipped cream with whipped cream, topped with grated chocolate. Candied pecans. It’s an explosion of sweet and salty flavors with a wonderful mix of soft and crunchy textures. It’s easy to see why it’s such a popular flavor. We also gave away free peanut butter, which is a chocolate ganache spread, creamy peanut butter, sweet chocolate buttercream, and peanut butter cups, all in a colorful pan. Delicious! Right down the street from the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, it’s a perfect place to stop.

Peaflutin’s is a true Texas treasure, tucked away on a side road in Garland, just a few miles from Dallas. Inside, a bright and cheerful shop awaits you with a glass display of cakes worthy of anyone’s admiration. Prepare for visual overload as you find a display case full of classic pies and a dozen or so Piefalootin originals, often packed with high-mileage creaminess. Yes, in case you’re wondering, choosing the flavor is the hardest part. We highly recommend the Piefalootin, the famous Caramel Sawtooth, which is essentially a giant Samoan cookie, a pastry crust filled with the perfect combination of caramel, coconut flakes and chocolate. If you’re more of a coconut lover, we’re just as obsessed with the Coconut Cream Pie, with super fluffy and creamy coconut pudding and insane amounts of whipped cream.

Must Try Pie Shops In Dallas

The moment you walk into Melissa, you immediately feel at home. Surrounded by bright walls filled with quotes and pictures of cakes, Melissa herself stands behind the counter cheerfully offering cake ideas and samples, casually chatting as if she were a long-lost friend. It’s as fun as your amazing cakes. If you’re a chocolate cake lover, Melissa’s is the best we’ve tried so far. It’s incredibly thick and makes a perfect graham cracker crust. Inside is a thin layer of cream cheese, filled with silky smooth chocolate goodness, finished with homemade whipped cream and grated chocolate. The combination of flavors and textures is the winning factor. Key lime is also a wonderful option, made with an equally great crust, then paired with a sweet and surprising key lime pie. With over a dozen delicious pie options, Melissa certainly lives up to her title as “The Pie Lady” and easily tops our guide to the best pie in Dallas.

Oak St. Pai Co. Dallas has a place for pie. Not only does this store have the cutest storefront in small-town Texas, but it also offers a full collection of much-loved cake flavors with some sweet surprises to keep you on your toes. When he entered the house, many cakes filled his eyes and suddenly he saw his head spinning with happiness.

Our must-have slices include Chocolate Silk, a sweet Oreo crust, thick chocolate silk filling, a dollop of whipped cream and chocolate shavings sprinkled on top, and the Blueberry Strata. – graham cracker crust, topped with fluffy lemon. Cheesecake layer and blueberry compote, topped with whipped cream, blueberries and lemon wedges. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness without being overpowering. If you can only visit one cake shop in Dallas in search of the best cake, make it Oak St. Pai Co. This Texas specialty serves up the tastiest pie in town.

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