Best All Inclusive Resorts In Nuevo Vallarta

Best All Inclusive Resorts In Nuevo Vallarta – Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful place in Mexico. pristine beaches; Imagine beautiful architecture and luxury hotels and resorts – this is paradise.

Puerto Vallarta is about 15 miles from the resort town of Nuevo (New) Vallarta to the secluded and peaceful beaches of Amabas. This means there are quite a few different areas that guests can choose to stay in. There are actually six main places to book a hotel in Puerto Vallarta, each offering a completely different appeal to guests.

Best All Inclusive Resorts In Nuevo Vallarta

If you are new to Puerto Vallarta; Deciding where to live can be overwhelming. With so many different neighborhoods and hundreds (if not thousands) of hotels to choose from, choosing the right hotel for you in Puerto Vallarta can be difficult.

Riu Palace Puerto Vallarta

Luckily for you, We spent some time researching things to see and do in Puerto Vallarta. There are more hotels than you can count in different parts of the city. be safe Lots of information to share.

This blog will feature the best places to stay in each of Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant neighborhoods. So you may have exactly where you need to go to enjoy your Puerto Vallarta vacation.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best hotels in Puerto Vallarta. You really need to choose the area that best suits the type of vacation you want. When it comes to safety in Puerto Vallarta, you should choose safe places.

If you are on the roads, lively evenings; If you’re a retired traveler who enjoys lots of shopping and cultural restaurants, Zona Romantica; Where to stay in downtown PV or Five de Diciembre.

Best All Inclusive Resorts In Puerto Vallarta For Families

Hiking in Puerto Vallarta; horse riding, It is best to find yourself in the heart of Nuevo Vallarta to do some of the best things like snorkeling or mountain biking. , Hotel zone or marina district. These accommodations are not only beneficial for pickup while planning your daily activities; These hotels also have many four-star amenities.

For more detailed information, read about the best hotels to choose from in each area of ​​Puerto Vallarta (for all budgets).

Although technically in a different state than Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta is very close and one of the best places to stay if you want a great beach.

Nuevo Vallarta, or New Vallarta, is for travelers who love relaxation. Some of Puerto Vallarta’s best hotels line this long stretch of beach.

Hotel Villa La Estancia Beach Resort & Spa Riviera Nayarit, Nuevo Vallarta

In the heart of the state of Nayarit. This modern holiday resort is 20 minutes from the airport. Better yet, Its immediate neighboring state is Jalisco, You can experience the colonial architecture and cultural reality of Puerto Vallarta in the notoriously beautiful old town of Puerto Vallarta.

But if you want a nice feeling with lots of options, Nuevo Vallarta has everything you need for a perfect vacation.

Exotic international cuisine is offered at six uniquely themed restaurants. authentic Mexican food; Fancy Asian teppanyaki or really tasty Italian food?

All-inclusive reservations include 24-hour room service; daily cooking classes; Includes unlimited Zumba and evening rock concerts. Want a new friend on vacation? descriptive water volleyball Get active with games of ping pong or giant Jenga. Start your morning with yoga while surfing, then enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Hotel Riu Vallarta

Close to the turquoise waters of Bahia de Banderas in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit. The hotel has 362 Mexican and music themed rooms, most with stunning views of Banderas Bay.

Treat yourself to designer amenities including HDTVs and marble-soaked pools. soak in the hot tub; call room service; Sip champagne and watch the sunset from your room’s private balcony.

The average price for a private room for two people is around US$420 per night. For an extra $100 per night, you can take advantage of daily tours in and around Puerto Vallarta, or opt for a luxurious and relaxing spa adventure. Views and prices vary depending on room location/view.

It has Mexican-European architecture and its qualities will immediately catch your eye. The resort’s layered architecture offers breathtaking views of the forest and/or the vast blue ocean from every room’s balcony.

Resorts In 2022

Private cabanas; There is an attractive lagoon-style pool with poolside bars and steps from the ocean.

Create memorable 5-star vacations. Your spacious living room has a kitchen and dining area. Includes a fully furnished balcony and stunning sea views.

After a day of sightseeing or shopping; authentic mexican Dine in one of the resort’s restaurants, serving Japanese or Italian cuisine by the pool.

Or order a michilada and a delicious pizza at the Tropical Garden Pagoda near the Lagoon Bar. They have a taco bar.

Best All Inclusive Resorts In The World

Marina Banderas Suites Hotel Boutique 70’s charm with charming marina views and traditional palapa roofs make it one of the best hotels in Puerto Vallarta.

Your spacious suite includes a full-service kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances. Rainfall over a travertine marble tube completes the room’s luxurious design and architecture. Enjoy a margarita from your private balcony.

Explore the hotel and discover the outdoor restaurant Mysore on the hotel’s dock. At a low price, Head to a Parisian-style restaurant surrounded by bright umbrellas and tropical plants.

Additional amenities include an exclusive beach club and VIP access to the golf course and beautiful spa. Check daily hotel activity listings or book an excursion.

Marival Residences Luxury Resort Nuevo Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta

Studios and junior suites start at around $80 per night. You can upgrade to a premium room that sleeps up to 6 people for $140 per night.

The marina is a convenient location in Puerto Vallarta; Especially if you plan to ride a lot of boats.

Vallarta’s Marina district is also home to some of the best hotels in Puerto Vallarta. It is a special place; living A community that breathes and floats freely.

The marina was built in 1980 and has become an inspiring institution in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, a successful attraction for tourists and developers looking to boost the Mexican economy.

Riu Vallarta Hotel, Nuevo Vallarta

Fishing boats yachts, A mix of yachts and the occasional catamaran create a unique skyline. Walking along the jetties, the countless lights reflecting on the water are mesmerizing at night. The marina has a huge water park with slides and waves that are great fun for the whole family.

In the afternoon, locals at the marina captains, It is crowded with sailors and tourists. Calm descents from the marina on balmy evenings. eating, shopping, You can relax and watch the magnificent cruise ships.

Many of Puerto Vallarta’s best excursions (boat tours) depart from the marina, making it a great destination for sea lovers.

Puerto Vallarta’s Marina District is known as the “resort within a resort.” Here are our picks for the best hotels in Marina Vallarta.

Where To Stay In Puerto Vallarta: 6 Best Areas & Hotels

For the adults-only crowd, Casa Velas offers exceptional luxury. A gently crashing wave continues to play outside your set. Dive in the pool during the day. After enjoying a luxurious spa experience; premium flooring; Stretch out naps and events.

Free poly beds, Toilets and luxury bathrooms. Complimentary four-star refreshments; There’s also the option of enjoying views of Vallarta’s beautiful bay and marina from a private lounge balcony with premium wines and competitive lap pools.

Aim for one thing: attentive service throughout your stay. The knowledgeable staff can recommend the perfect on-site restaurant for a special occasion; First class private lunch or dinner; Or we can arrange a unique city or jungle excursion.

The split-level wellness suite includes a Jacuzzi spa and personal massage therapy; nutrition and fitness counseling; Featuring stunning views of the gardens and ocean.

Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta

Master suite packages with garden or golf course views start at US$650 per night for two. Private terrace from US$680 per night; Upgrade to a Grand Class Suite with living room and private pool.

This is one of the best Puerto Vallarta hotels you will ever experience and Puerto Vallarta’s best kept secret.

Lots of amenities and lots to offer. It’s like a big cruise ship is always anchored off shore.

Breakfast at two of Velas Vallarta’s best family restaurants; Enjoy buffet style for lunch and dinner

All Inclusive Plan

For classic Mexican favorites with a twist. 24-hour EnSuite Dining is available, perfect for honeymooners to Puerto Vallarta.

Ask the friendly front desk staff for personal assistance or assistance when booking a tour for sightseeing tips.

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