Best Airbnb In Paso Robles

Best Airbnb In Paso Robles – Kevin and I travel to far-flung places. But we always wanted an easy commute from Los Angeles. Or maybe it’s an epidemic, you’ve been quarantined? Whatever it is, one of our favorite trips from Los Angeles is Paso Robles. We have planned a 3-day trip from Los Angeles to Paso Robles – to experience everything from the beautiful hotel to the movie.

Go to a farm where you can raise aggressive birds. If that doesn’t sound like Kevin and Phil riding, I’m not sure what will!

Best Airbnb In Paso Robles

On our last trip, we skipped the ostrich (ie, the ostrich! I’m still sad…) and booked a little more by booking a relaxing 1910 Airbnb bungalow in Paso Robles. Best of all, you’re only a five-minute walk from the many restaurants, cafes and shops in downtown Paso Robles. Or you can do what we do – avoid almost everyone! Even though we haven’t been out much, that doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard. Oh, it’s Phil and Kevin’s weekend adventure series after all. Check out our suggestions below.

Weekend Escape From La: Airbnb In Paso Robles Wine Country

Green runs uphill on Paso Robles Road. In fact, I have my clothes designed for this tent.

The total driving time from Los Angeles to Paso Robles really depends on the amount of traffic. Luckily, we didn’t have much and arrived in less than 3.5 hours. Google Maps will likely give you two options for going north – take Interstate 5 (“5” in Cali) or take Interstate 101 (“101”) to Santa Barbara before exiting the wine country of Santa Barbara and other small towns are beautiful. like Los Olivos, be sure to go to the sea hugging 101. This route may not be the most direct, or the most scenic. The cost of the supplement really depends on the traffic. took a long time!).

Inside Airbnb in Paso Robles. While Kevin is doing some work, Doug the dog does what he does best… comforting.

Paso Robles doesn’t get as much attention as wine greats like Napa and Sonoma in Northern California. But we don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Paso Robles or “Pass of the Oaks” is located in San Luis Obispo County between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is close to mountains, rivers and deserts – perfect for couples who may not like one activity over another. You can start your day naturally with a hike in the coastal mountains, then relax on the beach (actually, or in our case, almost ) before going to the fun rooms. Airbnb’s 2-bedroom apartment is located in a quiet area in the city of “Paso” (that’s what most of the locals call it). The city would be an exaggeration because life here is slow.

The Jetsetting Fashionista

A weekend in Paso Robles is the perfect place to get away from it all. But to tell you the truth, there is nothing more fun than outdoor shopping right now. Don’t get me started on Los Angeles. Although many stores in Paso Robles are closed due to COVID-19 at the time of writing, many are still ordering takeout. One of the shops you must visit is Pasolivo in the center of the city. Specializing in olive oil made in California. We went straight to their website and ordered a bottle of their award-winning Cucina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Truffle Salt which we use almost every day. Upload is a breeze!

Some cheese for sale (which I didn’t have to tell Kevin twice). Afterwards, stop at La Reyna Market (where you can order your favorite Mexican food).

Just because you are alone does not mean that you will be tired. We started our weekend with a chocolate treat from Ethel M Chocolates of Las Vegas. The store has made life sweet and different by offering the popular chocolate tasting experience at home. They will send you everything you need including placemats, water bottles, pencils and chocolates to make a check. Just try not to eat it all an hour before. Chocolatier Mark Mackey hosts the event in Las Vegas.

Finally a Zoom meeting I’m not afraid to attend! Make sure you treat yourself to red wine in the season.

Best Airbnbs In California With A Pool

Mark spent 30-40 minutes talking about the intricacies of enjoying his fan favorite chocolates and tips on what to pair them with. Sweets cost $30. Sign up for a chocolate tasting class here on their website. But we haven’t finished this lesson yet. Although all of California’s wineries are closed now, many are offering tastings, including Paso Robles’ Daou Winery. Wine tastings are usually $40. And now, you can do it for free with virtual wine tasting.

Reservations can be made at Tock almost every day of the week, from 12:00 to 17:00. We recommend booking in advance, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. All you need – apart from a computer and Wifi – is a bottle or two of Daou wine to go with it. You can order this directly from the winery or look for a local wine shop. Most places in LA carry it.

Along with the taste, we can order the cheese we bought in the town.

It gave us time to think and do other activities during this public distraction. Why not read a book that’s been gathering dust on the shelf? Airbnb really helped us combine our time at home with old school games like the BBQ pit in the backyard and Jenga to play in the big yard.

Farm Blanc Et Rouge

Enough confusion. Look at the feeling of accomplishment. We brought it up as one of our weekend programs.

I want to win, but I also like to be the one who turns everything around.

Along with the food and drink, you may want to exercise. Many hiking trails in California are currently closed. However, we used all the trail tools to help verify that Montebello Oaks Open Space is still open for hiking. This 2.1 mile trail is pet friendly and winds through wildflowers and oak trees.

The path is a bit confusing (ok, it’s confusing!). We recommend that you download the All Routes app (free) to your phone and follow the map. Just keep your eyes open on the way. Let’s just say I almost died after walking into the oak tree. Yes, that happened. Apart from the fact that it is almost torn, I highly recommend it for a quick and easy walk (especially with dogs or children in tow). Just watch out for the bad guys… Oh and the people who walk while playing music on the phone. The case is known…

A Wine Lover’s Guide To The Best Airbnbs In California

Is this. Looking for more ideas for Paso Robles after quarantine? Check out our favorites for a romantic getaway to Paso Robles on our Paso Robles day trip. Do you have more time? Read our tips for cheap weekends in Santa Barbara and Ojai. And of course, if you are looking for more ideas for what to do during the time of COVID, here are 5 fun ideas that you can do at home.

Walking Animal Tours Meet Artists Museums Biking Tours Birthday Activities Cafe Food Classes Downtown Los Angeles Farmers Markets Gourmet Food Hiking Historical Sites Joshua Trail Tree Trail Las Vegas Los Angeles Luxury Travel Mexico City Museums New Year’s Eve Northern California Quarantine Paso Robles Restaurant Road Trip Romantic San Diego Shopping Small Town Theater Southern California Top 5 Tours Tours Trending Valle de Guadalupe Walking Tour Wine Wine Country Wineries Short Trip to the Home of Cal Poly and Paso Robles (hello, great food and great wineries) Driving distance, San Luis Obispo – or SLO as it is known – is a dream destination in the state of California. Also, be sure to check out my Paso guide, including the best Paso Robles restaurants, the best Paso Robles wineries, and the best things to do in Paso Robles.

Here, the “TIG life” is all about getting into nature, trying to eat organic food, exploring new crops and hunting vineyards.

If you’re thinking of going, choose Airbnb over hotels. You will have a wonderful and relaxing experience. I have collected the top items! Stay in the Vacation Edition of Airbnb San Luis Obispo!

Best Airbnbs For Large Groups |

This downtown SLO Airbnb is a great place to stay if you like a little luxury. The tower is well-designed and thoughtfully designed for guests to use, from private entrances to linens, towels and linens.

There is also a garden terrace where you can enjoy fresh coffee and breakfast. In the distance to reach the city center,

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