Best Adventures In Ireland

Best Adventures In Ireland – There are many reasons to choose Ireland for a family holiday. The country is easy to navigate, the people are friendly, and the scenery is stunning. Irish Family Holiday Jodi Halstead is delighted to share her top places to visit in Ireland with children. He is my Irish person for all things Irish and should be your first choice for questions. These are the top places in Ireland that your family will love as a couple.

When planning a European family vacation, Ireland tops the list. With no language barriers (or very few), magic glistening like dewdrops on the grass and walks through the country’s narrow lanes, Ireland is made for families!

Best Adventures In Ireland

Whether you’re planning your first Irish family holiday (or your 10th!), choosing a destination in Ireland can be difficult. There is so much to see and do! Pick one or two of the family-friendly tips below to create an Ireland trip that everyone will love!

Northern Ireland: Embrace A Giant Spirit

It’s hard to pick the “best” of anything, but with a variety of activities, attractions and places to stay, these are some of the best places to visit in Ireland with kids.

Long a tourist destination thanks to the impressive Cliffs of Moher, the Burren region has become a destination in its own right.

Adventure seekers can go surfing, kayaking or rock climbing. People who prefer to keep their feet on the ground will enjoy walking in other natural areas.

Families with young children should not miss the Burren Nature Reserve. It has a disappearing lake, friendly farm animals and an amazing playground (and an equally amazing cafe).

Ten Outdoor Adventures For Teenagers In Ireland

Famous for fresh local food and traditional music, the Burren spoils you with evening activities including delicious pub food and live music.

You’ll find that many of Ireland’s “sightseeing” places are named so for a reason. Killarney and the Peninsula – Kerry and Dingle Peninsula – The Ring of Kerry and some of the most amazing places you will see in Ireland. Well, everything you encountered in Ireland – culture, castles and slot – can be found here.

Be sure to take a scenic drive through Killarney National Park or the Gap of Dunloe. Your jarvey will tell you about the history of the place, but it’s up to you to decide how true it is!

A day spent on any peninsula can be filled with land or water adventures that combine horseback riding and hiking, dolphin cruises, or—for the truly adventurous—coasting, cliff jumping, cave swimming, and rock climbing. This is one of our favorite places to visit in Ireland with kids!

Top Things To Do In Connemara, Ireland — Lorna Ryan

The stunning landscapes of Northern Ireland are the stuff of legend. Finn McCool built the octagonal causeway known as the Giant’s Causeway to Scotland.

Fishermen in the old days used a rope bridge to cross from the mainland to the island. A waterfall in the Glens of Antrim is said to be fascinating.

Beyond this legend we must trace the history of the North and the current conflict, the division between Protestant England and Catholic Ireland, Belfast and Derry; You will come away with a new understanding of Ireland.

Ireland’s largest city is full of places to explore! Blarney Castle, famous for its talking stone, is surrounded by beautiful gardens, including the Beautiful Steps and the Poison Garden.

Extreme Ireland Adventures Wins “best Outdoor / Adventure Provider” At The 2016 Outsider Awards

If you have animal lovers in your family, take a VIP family visit to Fota Wildlife Park to go behind the scenes of this open zoo and feed some of the animals!

Head west to the seaside village of Kinsale for pirate history and some of Ireland’s best food.

To really escape the tourist track make your way to West Cork, where the balda camp puts you right in the middle of walking trails, boat trips and beautiful beaches.

Start your journey on Ireland’s “Wild West” coast with a little pirate history in Westport, where Grace O’Malley once ruled the seas.

Trips In Ireland

Travel inland to the Museum of Country Life for an interactive history lesson, before heading north again to the Gaeltacht on Achill Island, a truly unique place where North Atlantic winds whip the cliffs and Irish is still spoken every day.

Spoil your family staying at Mount Falcon Estate or Ashford Castle; Both offer hawking tours, archery and cycling and other fun activities.

Use these Irish destinations to start your travel planning, then use the interactive Ireland family holiday map to explore more activities, find other attractions and choose the perfect places to stay for your Irish family holiday. And if you find yourself in Dublin, don’t miss our favorite things to do in Dublin if you’re short on time.

About the Author: Jody Halsted has been traveling Ireland with her children for over ten years, discovering the best family places and things to do off the tourist trail. Dedicated to Irish family travel, her website Ireland Family Vacations offers exclusive recommendations for magical Irish vacations.

Six Irish Adventure Centres To Visit This Summer

For families looking for a well-planned Irish holiday, Jodi offers Irish holiday coaching, working with your family to help you choose the right accommodation, destination and activities to meet your budget, interests and expectations.

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Best Family Activities In Ireland

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Best Things To Do In Adare: An Enchanting Irish Village You’ll Love

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Best Things To Do In Kinsale, Ireland: One Day Itinerary — Helena Bradbury

Everyone loves a beautiful beach. As a natural center for outdoor activities, they offer sun, sea, sand and surf all in one place, for everyone. Luckily Northern Ireland comes with wonderful sandy beaches all around the coast. The Causeway Coast has almost too many to choose from: Portstewart (the biggest of them all), Benone, Castlerock, Whiterocks, Whitepark Bay, Portballintra, Ballycastle, Carnlough and more. So why not visit them all one by one and pick other spots as you go?

Bring your parasols, buckets and spade to East Countydown and you’ll find a wide sandy beach in Newcastle. It is right in front of town and Tyrella and Murlo beaches are not far. It can be quiet when Newcastle is busy during the best summer days and bank holidays.

If beaches are mixed with sandy beaches, you will find forest parks almost everywhere you go. Most of them are part of the country and the country is loyal. Alongside carefully managed wilderness with trees as far as the eye can see, you’ll often find architectural gems with interesting histories, delicious teahouses and activities to keep everyone happy.

County Fermanagh has other impressive forest parks, including the Crome Estate and the Lower Navarre Forest. Florence Court Forest Park is surrounded by parkland and dense woodland with the Benoughlin Mountains in the background. Outside, take a long walk or long bike ride along 10 kilometers of trails and see interesting industrial heritage sites, including a water engine sawmill and a blacksmith’s forge. The park gardens all have Irish yew trees, and a kitchen

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