America’s Best In Columbia Missouri

America’s Best In Columbia Missouri – I tried to explore as many local restaurants as possible in our listening area. Thanks to the listeners for all the suggestions. There is no shortage of options when it comes to places to eat in Sedalia, Warrensburg, Knob Noster, Coal Camp, and we will be visiting Marshall in the near future.

A drive to Columbia Missouri should be in the cards for me soon, if for no other reason than the fact that the restaurant is still thriving 88 years later. It will be featured on ‘America’s Best Restaurant.’ It’s a YouTube series that travels across the country to feature restaurants on their weekly series and social media. You can subscribe to the series here.

America’s Best In Columbia Missouri

Erni’s Cafe & Steakhouse has been around since 1934. It’s only known for breakfast and lunch. Advertise yourself as the oldest full-service restaurant in Colombia. Read a little more about their next adventure here. I can’t believe I’ve never eaten here since living in Colombia for 4 years.

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According to their website which you can see here, it is a European style sit down restaurant

Every year since 2008, readers of Inside Columbia magazine for breakfast. Open 7 days a week with gift cards available. If you want to know more about their history, you can click here. Congratulations on being introduced and long in business. Sounds like a place we should visit.

YouGov researched the most popular food brands in the country and compiled a list to give readers context for their findings. Read on to see America’s variety of restaurants—and maybe you’ll find a favorite or two. Located in the middle of Missouri, the Columbia area is booming with activity and a youthful vibe. There is so much to see and do – something for everyone. However, just because you’re not a college student or young professional doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy visiting the area.

I experienced so many new and interesting things on a recent trip that it was hard to choose! Below is a list of activities I highly recommend when you decide to visit. They are called “cool neighborhood in the big city” and in my opinion, you will agree. The community is warm, friendly, vibrant and offers so much more.

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Missouri has an excellent state park system and Rock Bridge does not disappoint. As you walk through the park, there are many examples of nature’s diversity. From forests and rivers to bridges and natural caves, it is spectacular.

I had the pleasure of being led by a young guide named Ethan through part of the park. He is a park naturalist and student at the University of Missouri. He described a landscape known as karst, with numerous sinkholes, caves, springs and underground springs. The journey was at least 90 minutes (about an hour and a half) long and hectic.

We went to the natural stone bridge. The amazing power of nature can be seen throughout the park, especially near the stone bridge. The streams and rock formations are spectacular.

Have you heard of the Devil’s Ice Cave? It is a woodland cave with a 6.5 mile marked trail. Unfortunately, their trip was cut short to protect the endangered gray bats due to a fungus that affects cave bats. However, you can travel to the mouth of the cave and find a wide cave opening. Another inhabitant of the Devil’s Icebox is a species of flatworm – the only known habitat for this species in the world.

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Connor’s Cave was another cave in the jungle that I was able to explore. Fortunately, Ethan provided a helmet and flashlight, as the 166-foot long cave has places where hitting one’s head is inevitable and there is no natural light. When you are at the bottom of the cave, I can assure you that a strange feeling will come over you when you turn off the lights for a minute or two. The darkness you experience will surprise you.

After returning from the cave to the trail, you gain a greater appreciation for the true power of nature.

The center of Colombia is called the “District”. It is surrounded by three college campuses and covers 50 blocks. Within this area there are five distinct areas: Sharp End, Government District, North Village Arts District, Stolway and Flat Branch.

The area has more than 5,000 residents and more than 600 businesses, reflecting the dynamic atmosphere of the downtown area. Depending on your interest level, you’ll find plenty to do in the region. While the colleges are responsible for many activities, many government offices, medical facilities and other local shops, restaurants and bars add their touch to the impressive atmosphere of the city.

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Street Here you’ll find the Mizzou campus, all kinds of shops and galleries, and great restaurants. Highlights include Shakespeare’s Pizza, where the food is wine, and Pooch’s, Columbia’s oldest restaurant. The street was buzzing with activity and the architecture of the buildings was stunning as you walked.

If you love all things artsy, you must visit the North Village Arts District. The creative hub of downtown is here. Here you can explore art galleries, dance studios, unique shops, film companies and many other small businesses – some located in renovated and renovated buildings. It’s really fascinating to see the talents of the people and the area where they work and live.

Those who appreciate the ability of beautiful gardens to calm the mind should visit these two places in Colombia.

The Mizzou Botanical Garden is located downtown on the campus of the University of Missouri. The entire complex is designated as a botanical garden and has several themed gardens and unique collection gardens. All open and free for the public to enjoy. Self-guided trail maps are available in Alumni Hall, or you can wander to enjoy the tranquility.

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With my interest in history, one of my favorite areas is the area west of Francis Square near the Chancellor’s Residence.

Here is a variety of flowers once found in Thomas Jefferson’s garden. Like Virginia Bluebells and Columbine. You can also see a bronze statue of Jefferson and his original grave.

The Shelter Garden is another example of a public garden in the middle of a thriving city. Located on the grounds of Shelter Insurance’s corporate offices, the garden is an escape into a beautiful area with more than 15,000 perennials and annuals and more than 300 species of trees and shrubs.

A turn-of-the-century one-room schoolhouse, a beautiful gazebo, and the Vietnam Vets Memorial, to name a few items of interest.

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Shelter Gardens is the perfect place for a walk, picnic or quiet time enjoying the beauty around you.

A 15-minute drive from the lively city of Columbia, you’ll find the picturesque, charming area of ​​Rochefort. Another Missouri state park and well worth the short drive for some great history and a great learning experience at a lavender farm.

The Katy Trail is the longest developed railroad in the country. It is 240 miles long and runs along the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Railroad and part of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. One of the routes (out of 26 routes) is in Rocheport. My friend and I biked a few miles on this trail.

The trail runs along the scenic Missouri River. Along the path there are benches where you can relax and enjoy the absolute beauty – the river on one side and the limestone cliffs on the other. The Katy Trail has the only rock tunnel in the area. The curved tunnel is 243 meters long and is made of bricks, stones, mortar and mud. It’s a great way to enjoy nature and history.

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Lookout Farm was a pleasant surprise. Having never been to a lavender farm, I was excited to show them this unique family business and learn the story of how they started, with a dream and a lot of hard work. I didn’t know lavender could grow in Missouri, but I was amazed by the gardens. I regret that the lavender was not in bloom when I visited.

They have a small shop on the property where visitors can purchase a variety of handmade products, from soaps and sprays to lotions and oils to scent packs of dried lavender. You can find dried culinary and craft lavender. It is a fascinating place

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